A new development has occurred in the course of NEET UG’s exam issue.

The Centre government came up with a diplomatic stunt in the Lok Sabha saying that, though the centre is in favour of a common entrance exam for UG medical admissions, but it does not want NEET UG held from this year. This statement was made in support of an MP’s request to defer NEET UG by a year.


Union Minister of Parliamentary affairs, Sh. Venkaiah Naidu said that Government has no role with the decision to hold NEET from the present year as this is SC’s directive and they are in favour of Common entrance examination but not from this year. To support his statement he added that they can not force candidates to switch to this new system.. He also said that they will approach SC through general attorney to undo the judgement passed on conducting the exam from this year.


This changed stance of Central government came after the SC had directed CBSE to conduct NEET UG and had also scrapped the government’s plea for conducting their own medical entrance test in 2016.


NEET UG is scheduled on July 24th. But politicians demand that the central government should either press the court to understand and defer the examination or undo Supreme Court orders to hold NEET this year through an ordinance. 

Actually this is a pressure tactic of who want the capitation fee to continue especially by the Private medical colleges and people attached with them, mostly the politicians. It is well known that almost 80 MPs are related to private medical education.


One of the MP’s also said that they are concerned about the candidates from those states where the syllabus for the entrance examination is comprehensively different and also about the candidate who have studied on in their vernacular languages.

Important Article : NEET-UG 2016 Syllabus


Although it is understood that it is being done just because many Indian parliamentarians have vested interests in India's vast network of corrupt medical colleges who are known to sell their seats to the highest bidder. An All India standard NEET exam would be a big setback for these private colleges and universities and a lot of powerful stand to lose a lot of money because of this.

It is indeed a shameful day for Indian Education as our politicians are more interested in lining their pockets with money rather than think about the future of this country's children. And to think, only a few days ago we were celebrating the end of corruption in India's medical colleges.

What do you think? Will NEET happen?

Leave your comments in the section below !

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