There has been a lot of confusion amongst students regarding NEET Phase 2. Here, in this article we try to answer all of your questions.

  1. What are the benefits of a common entrance test?

There are about 50 medical exams conducted in India and every sincere candidate takes an average of 10 exams. It is commonly known that many private university exams and state are rigged. Common candidate suffer at the hands of candidate with strong financial background and close relations with examination committee. Hence a common and credible entrance test (NEET UG) is being conducted and based on both the phases of NEET, an all India merit list will be generated for all the medical candidates. Thus NEET will benefit the meritorious candidates to apply into good private medical colleges also alongwith their own state quotas too.


  1. Can I appear in NEET 2 even if I have appeared in NEET 1?

Candidates wish to sit for NEET 2 can do so but they will have to give up any claim on the result of NEET 1. Only NEET 2 result will be considered and the rank will be decided based on NEET 2 only.


  1. Why conduct NEET again when already conducted once?

Since the state and private medical entrance tests have been scrapped, NEET 2 will provide an opportunity for the candidates who did not take AIPMT or NEET1. However, NEET 1 students protested that the candidates of NEET 2 were getting time to prepare. Considering this NEET1 aspirants have also been given an option to sit for NEET 2 by giving up all claims in NEET 1 results.


  1. What will be the reservation policy under NEET? Will it be same as in State Entrance exams?

Yes, reservations will not be hampered as NEET is only a collective merit list which will be used as an inter se merit list. No changes will be made in reservation policies.

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  1. Why NEET Exam will be in English only?

Medicine is taught in English throughout the globe. Most of the medicine terms don’t have any language inferences. As you have to study MBBS in English thus, the exam will be conducted in English.

But according to the SC order, NEET Phase 2 will be held in Hindi as well as 9 vernacular languages, not juts English.


  1. How will the NEET rank affect the chances of a candidate who comes from the states like Andhra pradesh, Orissa, Tamil Nadu?

States will derive their own merit list from the NEET merit list of candidates and give admissions. Apart from this the candidates who perform better will opt for the better universities and move out which in return will increase the number of seats under state. However, there is a disadvantage for the candidates of different schooling boards which have significant difference in syllabus from CBSE.


  1. What if I have already appeared in any other private entrance test?

Sorry but all other private examinations have been scrapped hence you do not have any claim based on the private exam that you appeared. You will have to apply for NEET 2 and take the test to lay any claim.


  1. What if I am not given admission based on my NEET 2 rank in a college, instead other candidates with low rank is given admission in my category?

Under such a situation, you can sue the college in court and get the seat allocated to you.


Apply for NEET 2 and keep all other queries away. Prepare well and secure a good rank to get a good college.

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Best Wishes!!

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