How to crack NEET–II 2016 exam : Strategies By Toppers

NEET UG is all India level exam conducted for admission to undergraduate courses(UG) in India’ s top medical colleges and other prestigious institutions. It replaced AIPMT exam from 2016 onwards. NEET Phase 1 was held on May 1st and Phase 2 is scheduled to be held on July 24th.

With NEET - I conducted in May, NEET – II exam is coming up round the corner. We are sure that all aspirants must have started preparation for it.

We interviewed Toppers of NEET 2015 and NEET 2014.

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Let’s have few excerpts from the Interview.

Strategies From Toppers

Meera Bansal, AIPMT 2015, AIR 180

Prepladder: Introduce yourself & Share your preparation strategy and your advice to aspirants

Meera Bansal: Hello! My name is Meera Bansal from Jaipur. I qualified NEET 2015 with AIR 180. According to me , NEET UG requires focused preparation, dedication and proper time management.I studied thoroughly for 2 years by following a strategic routine. I used to work hard consistently and devoted 9-10 hours daily. I used to practice a lot of MCQs during my 2 years preparation. I used to practice MCQs from a wide variety of books. I used to refer to the Internet as well.


Vikas Sharma, AIPMT 2015, AIR 200

Prepladder: Introduce yourself & Share your preparation strategy

Vikas Sharma : My name is Vikas Sharma. I hail from Bihar. I cracked NEET 2015 with AIR 200. I followed a straight forward strategy. I focused on NCERT books and solved a variety of MCQs from different comprehensive books. I devoted ample amount of time regularly to studies to crack this exam. I think it’s important for every medical aspirant to complete their syllabi on time, solve MCQs regularly, solve previous year papers and identify weak areas. Qualifying NEET UG is not difficult, all it requires is hard work, determination & focused preparation.


Mehul Chauhan, AIPMT 2014, AIR 150

Prepladder: Introduce yourself & Share your preparation strategy

Mehul Chauhan: Hello, I am Mehul Chauhan from Madhya Pradesh. I cracked NEET 2014 with AIR 150. I think the best preparation strategy is to follow NCERT books & clear your concepts. I had joined coaching classes.Apart from that, I used to dedicate 6-7 additional hours daily to studies. You must identify strong & weak areas and improve your weak areas. For me, Chemistry was easiest while Biology for toughest for me. I would dedicate my success to my mentors in coaching classes who taught me all the shortcuts. Apart from that, success mantra is to practice variety of MCQs regularly.


Reena Malik, AIPMT 2014, AIR 175

Prepladder: Introduce yourself & Share your preparation strategy

Reena Malik: I did not have any strategy as such. I never followed any particular plan. The only thing on which I focussed was to complete the target syllabi which I used to set for myself as and when I sat for studying. Nonetheless, I never took too much stress in life. I used to study consistently and also took regular breaks as well. In my breaks, I preferred playing sports which would make my mind fresh.

I only followed NCERT Books and used to consistently solve MCQs from different books.


Varun Srinivasan, AIPMT 2014 , AIR 135

Prepladder: Introduce yourself & Share your preparation strategy

Varun Srinivasan: My name is Varun Srinivasan. I am from Karnataka. I secured AIR 135 in NEET 2014. My consistent hard work and focused preparation helped me qualify NEET exam. I followed a strategic plan for clearing NEET. I devoted 7 hours to study on a regular basis.

I worked on my weak areas and strengthened my strong areas. I used to revise topics regularly and took mock tests to boost my confidence.


Best Wishes!

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