How to Attempt 180 Questions in 180 Minutes in NEET–UG

NEET is National Eligibility cum Entrance Test conducted by CBSE for admission to various under - graduate and post - graduate courses in India’s top medical institutions.

NEET UG exam will be conducted on 24th July, 2016 this year. All NEET UG aspirants must have started their preparation by this time.

With a limited number of seats in Medical Colleges, Competition is huge in such exams.

This article discusses strategies for preparing for NEET UG 2016 exam.


This strategy has been devised by our experts based on interactions with previous NEET toppers, review of previous exam papers and in accordance with latest exam pattern.

NEET UG exam comprises of 180 MCQs of 180 marks. This is an offline mode exam.


  1. Candidates must go through NEET UG syllabi thoroughly :
    Before you start preparation, learn what the syllabus is for the exam so as to avoid wasting your time by studying something out of topic.
    Get in depth NEET-UG syllabus here.

  2. Start your preparation well in time:
    Preparation for NEET UG must start from 11th standard as this is the most appropriate time for it. Most of the candidates waste this valuable time and start preparation in 12th This creates a heavy burden on the candidates as they have to prepare for both board exams and NEET UG.

  3. Always Plan Your Preparation:
    Prepare a weekly study plan and assign a fixed no of chapters to each week. You must challenge yourself and try to complete the decided chapters on time. This will ensure that syllabus is completed well in time.

  4. Prefer standard NCERT books:
    You must prepare concepts from NCERT books. Solve NCERT back exercises. Go through each topic in detail. Minutely study graphs and diagrams.

  5. Practice MCQs:
    You must not focus only on theoretical preparation as this exam is of the objective pattern. Practice MCQs from different comprehensive books regularly. This is the only way to crack this exam.

  6. Solve Online mock test series:
    Solve online mock test series as this will help you recognise your strong and weak areas. This will also improve your speed greatly.

    Get a FREE NEET-UG mock test here
    FREE simulation mock test for
    NEET UG with exam grade questions.
    FREE simulation mock test for NEET UG with exam grade questions.
    Start Test  

  7. Identify Strong & Weak Areas:
    You must identify your strong and weak areas from the examination perspective. You may be good in Chemistry, average in Physics and totally clueless in Biology. This analysis will help you create an exam plan to improve upon your weak areas and to strengthen your strong areas.

  8. Analyse & Solve Previous year papers:
    You must analyse and solve previous year NEET UG papers. This will give you a brief idea about the exam pattern and will help you identify topics will carry high weight age and topics which are not so important.

  9. Clear your Concepts:
    You must clear basic concepts of physics, chemistry and biology. Use standard NCERT books.

  10. Revise Regularly:
    You must revise chapters on a regular basis. This will help you retain the concepts for a longer period.

  11. Focus on Solving Numerical Problems

  12. Take help from Online sources:
    You can always refer to the Internet for understanding concepts, listen to video tutorials to get a good grab of the topic.
    Visit our NEET-UG section for helpful articles everyday

  13. Avoid Blind Guesswork:
    Be sure that you do not make blind guesses as this will cost you negative marking. Take calculated risk only. Learn how to intelligently guess an unknown answer in NEET-UG

We hope that our readers will now get acquainted with the best strategy for preparing for NEET UG 2016 exam.

Best Wishes!!

Leave your comments and questions in the comments section below.

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