Important Preparation tips for NEET Physics

NEET Phase II exam is coming up round the corner. Aspirants generally find Physics section difficult since it contains a wide variety of theoretical concepts and numerical problems. 

Owing to the highly practical nature of Physics section, our experts have devised this article which will help the candidates get acquainted with the Important Topics of Physics section from NEET perspective as well as the topic-wise weight age.

 Topic-Wise Weight Age of Physics Section for NEET 2016

This data has been devised as per the exam pattern of previous 10 years’ AIPMT papers


Topic Name

% Weight Age








Modern Physics



Heat and Thermodynamics






SHM and Waves



Properties of Matter


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 Chapter- Wise Weight Age of Physics Section for NEET 2016

Our experts have prepared a chart of chapter-wise weight age based on analysis of previous 10 years papers.

In this chart, the complete syllabi of Physics section have been divided into three categories.

Do or Die Chapters

(Most Important)

Should Do Chapters

Do if you have Sufficient Time Chapters

(Less Important)

Electronic Devices

Atoms And Nuclei

Alternating Current


Current Electricity

Behaviour Of Perfect Gas And Kinetic Theory

Heat and Thermodynamics

Dual Nature Of Matter And Radiation

Electromagnetic Waves


Electromagnetic Induction


Laws of Motion

Motion Of System Of Particles And Rigid Body

Physical World And Measurement

Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism


Properties Of Bulk Matter

Oscillations And Waves

Work, Energy & Power

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 Essential Preparation tips for Physics Section for NEET 2016

  • Conceptual Clarity : Previous years’ papers analysis suggest that areas like Mechanics, Heat and Thermodynamics, Electrodynamics and Modern Physics are the most important areas from NEET perspective. You must focus on clearing the concepts related to these topics. Learning only the theoretical part is not going to help. Additionally, you must learn how to implement the concepts in solving the numerical problems and MCQs.

  • Refer Right Preparation Material: You must refer to NCERT books for understanding concepts and additionally,you must solve all the numerical problems from NCERT since a lot of questions are picked from NCERT book in NEET exam.
  • Practice: You must practice a wide variety of numerical problems based on the different concepts in order to attain firm grip in various topics.
  • You must additionally follow 1-2 standard competition books for practicing MCQs.

  • Dedicated Practice will help you learn how to implement the concepts in solving the questions.

  • Exposure to a variety of questions will help you answer accurately and speedily. 

  • Take short notes: You must take short notes of important formulae, theorems and concepts. This will greatly boost up your revision during exam preparation
  • Solve Previous year question papers: One of the best way to prepare for Physics section is to solve and analyze previous year question papers of AIPMT.

  • Thorough Revision: You must revise and recall the concepts, formulas and theories on a regular basis which will help you remember the topic for a longer duration. A regular revision will greatly help to reduce burden during exam time.
  • Take online Mock Test series: You must attempt mock test series on a regular basis as this will help you analyze your preparation level at every stage and will help improvise on weaker areas.

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     This practice will help you in the following ways:

  • This will help you in getting acquainted with the exam pattern and type of questions expected in the exam

  • This will also help you estimate the difficulty level of questions asked in the exam

  • Questions framed in the exam are not generally direct and are based on the application of multiple concepts. Solving previous papers’ will help you identify such questions

  • Students must focus on preparing the theoretical questions of Modern Physics since they are simple and will greatly help you boost your score

  • Students must prepare Heat and Thermodynamics questions since these are generally based on P-Y graph and principles of thermodynamics

  • Use Approximation technique to solve lengthy questions

  • Practice ample number of direct formula based questions

Recommended Books For Physics Section 


Recommended Books


Concepts of Physics Volume I and II by H.C. Verma 


Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick and Walker


New Simplified Physics: A Reference Book for Class XI and XII by S.L Arora


Problems in General Physics by I. E. Irodov


NCERT- Physics Part 1 and Part 2


Trueman’s Objective Physics for Medical / Engg. Entrance Examinations



We are hopeful that the tips shared above will help the aspirants excel in their preparation.

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