How to confidently prepare for NEET in just 1 month

NEET Phase II 2016 is coming up round the corner. With the exam just a month away, it’s the time for the aspirants to wrap up their preparation.

Our experts have devised a one-month strategy for cracking NEET Phase II 2016 exam.

 One Month Preparation Schedule for Cracking NEET Phase II 2016


Days (1 Month)

Subject Name

Some Important Topics


First 7 Days



Candidates need to prepare all the Important Topics from all the Subjects


Next 7 Days



Next 7 Days



Remaining 7 Days

Candidates must do Revision through


·  Online Mock Test Series

·  Previous Years’ Papers


One Month Preparation Strategy for Cracking NEET Phase II 2016

  • Prepare a Preparation Schedule: As discussed above, aspirants must follow a strict preparation schedule owing to the scarcity of time. You must assign a fixed amount of time to a fixed number of chapters and complete the chapters as per the designed schedule.
  • Review & Solve Previous Years’ Papers: This is the best way to boost up your preparation owing to the scarcity of time. You must study and solve 10 previous years’ papers of AIPMT. This will help you get acquainted with the pattern of questions asked and the difficulty level of questions asked in NEET exam.
  • Study the Right Material: You must refer to NCERT books for all the three subjects. You must also refer to additional comprehensive books for practising MCQs.

  • Build Your Concepts : You must develop a strong base in all the three subjects and must clear your concepts. This would greatly help you in solving conceptual questions.

  • Practice: You must practice a mixed bag of MCQs from different comprehensive books and from different Internet sources.

  • Focus On Important Topics: Owing to the scarcity of time, you must focus on the most important topics.

The chart given below will highlight the most important topics for NEET 2016 exam

Most Important Topics for NEET 2016




Electronic Devices

Aldehydes, Ketones And Carboxylic Acids

Diversity in the living world



Human physiology

Heat and Thermodynamics

Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure 

Genetics and evolution


Chemical Kinetics

Biotechnology and its application

Laws of Motion

Coordination Compounds


Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism


Structural organization in plants and animals

Oscillations And Waves

Organic Chemistry - Some Basic Principles And


Biology and human welfare


p-block Elements

Cell structure and functions


Redox Reactions

Ecology and environment




  • Join A Crash Course: This would be really helpful since the course will help you get acquainted with the important topics from NEET perspective and help you clarify your doubts 
  • Take Online Mock Tests: This is the key to success in the NEET exam. You must attempt online tests on a regular basis. This will help you evaluate your current preparation level and help you identify the areas where you need improvement.

FREE simulation mock test for
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FREE simulation mock test for NEET UG with exam grade questions.
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NEET Facts & Expert Advice




This section is purely application based.


You must memorise formulae and learn their application to various situations

Inorganic Chemistry


Questions are mostly fact- based & are picked directly from NCERT.


So prepare directly from NCERT.

90% of the questions of Biology section are picked from NCERT.

Refer to NCERT for the conceptual part.


Solve all numerical problems of NCERT.


Refer to good quality competition books

For practising MCQs.

Organic and Physical Chemistry –


Questions are conceptual and application-based.


Prepare theoretical part as well as practice a variety of numerical problems.


Refer to NCERT and good quality competition books

Therefore, aspirants are advised to rigorously follow the NCERT book for Biology section.


Study all the diagrams, concepts and numerical problems carefully

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