CG-PMT: 27 Questions found Incorrect, Students Demand Paper Repeal

Students who had appeared for CG-PMT on 15 June 2016 pointed out that nearly 27 questions asked in the exam were incorrect and out of syllabi. This has affected nearly 37,000 applicants of the region. Keeping this in mind, the students from the city and their parents have demanded that the paper should be repealed.

Dr. JH Shams, father of candidate Aditya Shams stated that the students who appeared in CG-PMT on 15 June 2016 were left stunned as soon as they saw the question paper. He stated that some of the questions were absolutely incorrect while some were out of syllabi. Fear of paper deterioration tortured the candidates. He said the candidates attempted the exam even after so many discrepancies in the question paper.

He further added that the answer key for the CG-Vyapam exam was released on the official website on 16 June. He added that some mistakes were clearly evident in the answer key. The second answer key was released exactly after one day on 17 June.

He said that the second answer key was different from the first one. After analysing the second answer key, candidates got suspicious that MPPEB has committed some big mistakes in the question paper.

Candidates on carefully scrutinising the question paper found that nearly 8 questions in Physics, 5 questions in Chemistry and 12 question in Botany and Zoology were incorrect. Candidates also discovered that some of the questions asked were out of syllabi.

This made it clearly evident that the candidates’ paper got completely deteriorated owing to the discrepancies in the question paper. The toppers have also lagged behind due to the mistakes in the question paper.

Thereafter, objections were claimed on 17 questions in front of CG Vyapam. Meanwhile, candidates said that they will not pay for the mistakes of CG Vyapam. Applicants further demanded that only repealing the CG-PMT exam would do justice to 37,000 applicants.

10 Questions were Incorrect: Aakash Institute

Aakash Institute scrutinised the question paper after the issue became public. As per the observation results, 8 questions were found incorrect in Physics section across all four sets. Similarly, 2 questions were found incorrect under Botany section across all four sets. Further, the Institute also claimed that some of the questions were out of Chhattisgarh PMT syllabi.


Will Vyapam take Responsibility for Suicides?

Owing to the mistakes committed by CG Vyapam, some of the candidates like Sakshi Vishwakarma, Anshu Aggarwal, Arshi Jain, Vanshika Verma and Aakash Kashyap have questioned Vyapam that will Vyapam take responsibility if any candidate commits suicide.

Candidates’ further said that most of the students who had appeared in the PMT exam were droppers. These candidates said that for getting selected in PMT, most of the applicants have dropped either for one year or two years or for a longer time. Students had sacrificed everything for getting selected in PMT.

Under such Circumstances, the mistakes committed by Vyapam have left the students stunned and shocked. Consequently, any aspirant can take a big step.


Parents Demand Date Extension 

Parents of the affected candidates have placed the demand that the date for claiming objections must be extended. Parents claimed that Vyapam has allotted a short time span for claiming objections.

Parents added that the scarcity of time is placing a restriction on the proper examination of questions.

Parents said that getting the time duration extended would help them identify more mistakes in the question paper and will help them to claim objections with well-cemented proofs.


Vyapam Repeatedly Committing Mistakes

It has been noticed from a long time that all the examinations conducted under Vyapam have found some or the other mistakes. This succession is not coming to an end!


PrepLadder hopes that all state PMTs be abolished and medical colleges, government or otherwise be covered under NEET, so embarrassments like this do not happen in the future !

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