Revision Plan for NEET UG 2016

With the NEET UG exam just two weeks away, its’ the time for the aspirants to burn the candle at both the ends. A highly competitive exam like NEET UG requires sound methodical groundwork, therefore, it is extremely important to pan out a revision strategy to thoroughly cover every critical topic in order to get through the exam.

Our experts have devised a 2-week revision plan for NEET UG 2016 preparation.


2 Weeks Revision Strategy for NEET UG 2016

Master the Basics

Tune yourself to NCERT book and swiftly revise all the concepts. The success factor for entrance exams is to clear your concepts and be thoroughly prepared with the basics. Revise all the flow charts, schematic diagrams and graphs thoroughly as they will help you memorize the concepts in a relatively shorter period.


Effective Time Management

Efficient Time Management is a proven success factor in competitive exams. Distribute time among the different subjects effectively. This will definitely help you to attain thoroughness in all the subjects.


Attempt Mock Tests

Last few weeks must be devoted to attempting mock tests. This will help you manage your time effectively during the exam.

This will also help you evaluate your preparation level and will help you identify your weaker areas. Attempt both full-length tests and speed tests.

Check your performance after the mock test and work on weaker areas.


Prepare Visual Aids

Prepare a chart of important formulas, theorems, diagrams, reactions, key concepts and shortcuts. Visual aids will definitely help you in retaining the information for a longer period.

Place the visual aids at places from where you can see them frequently.


Mark Recurring Questions and Topics

While attempting previous years’ papers and mock tests, keep track of the questions and topics which appear frequently in the exam and devote more time to them to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for them.


Revise Shortcuts, Formulas and Theorems

You must develop a habit of revising all the formulas, shortcuts and theorems regularly during the last 2 weeks prior to the exam.

This will help you retain them and will assist in solving questions quickly.


Avoid Referring to New Material

Aspirants should not refer to new study material in the last few days since it will lead you to a state of utter confusion. This is because different authors use different ways to approach a problem.

Smartly adhere to NCERT books and the material which you are accustomed to. You must go through the summary of each chapter which will help you attain a glimpse of all the important topics.


Last Week before Exam

Stick to your revision plan and do not get involved in a hectic and exhaustive schedule since it will cause fatigue and lower your efficiency.

Resolve your queries with your mentors and stay calm. Do not take too much stress. Be optimistic and confident.


During the Exam

Efficient Time Management is the key to success in NEET UG 2016. You must distribute time effectively among the sections. Start off with the questions which you find easy and are assured of being correct and then advance to the difficult ones.

Do not answer questions through blind guesswork as it will award you negative marks for each incorrect answer.

Do not get stuck on any question for too long as it will waste precious time. Stay calm and do not panic while attempting the exam.

With a combination of Speed, focus, practice, determination and Technique, it is not difficult to get through NEET UG 2016


Giving Online Mock Tests

Last 2 weeks is the perfect time to start revising and giving online Mock Tests for NEET Preparation. Look at all the online Test Series' available online, buy one and start giving mock Tests right away.

Its the perfect practice.

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Good Luck!



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