NEET-UG is just around the corner now. Candidates must be working really hard to get through this herculean exam.

One of the most important factors which drives success in such highly competitive exams is the retention power of the mind.

This article will cast light on the effective techniques which would help to enhance the retention power of the mind.

Techniques to Enhance Retention Power

1. Mode of learning

Mode of learning has an immense effect on the amount of information retained in the mind.

The figure shows the statistics on the amount of information retained through various modes of learning.


It is clearly evident that maximum amount of information is retained through Teaching others.

The second technique which is most effective in retaining the maximum amount of information is through Practising in a Simulated Environment. This is achieved through taking online mock test series. Attempting sufficient number of mock tests helps to improve speed and accuracy and at the same time helps the candidates in getting accustomed to the online platform.

On the other hand, only a minor portion of information is retained through Attending lectures and reading.

Discussion, audio-visual and demonstration assists in retaining the information to a moderate degree.


2. Taking High Nutrition

Taking a rich diet is highly effective in boosting up the retaining power.

A high nutrition diet must be composed of the following:

  • Eating Vegetables and Fruits

You must take vegetables and fruits in sufficient quantity since they greatly help in boosting up the energy and retention capacity.

You must include vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and other dark green leafy vegetables.

You must also eat seasonal fruits in sufficient quantity and also take raw salads which greatly boost up energy.

  • Taking Omega-3 fatty acids

You must take Omega-3 fatty acids and DHA in adequate amounts since it immensely enhances the memory capacity in young healthy adults.

  • Taking Dry Fruits

A sufficient amount of walnuts and almonds must be included in the diet since they have a positive impact on heart health and memory.


2. Taking Ample amount of rest

You must take adequate rest and sleep since these greatly help in retaining the maximum of everything.

Do not overstress yourself. Take sufficient rest at regular intervals.


3. Meditation & Exercise

Meditation and exercise serve as a remedy to all troubles including memory capacity. Staying fit and healthy also helps in keeping the body vibrant and energetic to facilitate long hours of study.

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Use the aforesaid tips to maximise your retention power and ease your revision for the exam.

Good Luck!

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