Reasons why Candidates fail to Clear NEET

It is commonly observed that candidates fail to get through the NEET-UG exam despite putting in a lot backbreaking hard work in the preparation.

This article will cast light on the blunders committed by the candidates in NEET-UG preparation which gives them a nose dive in the examination.

Reasons Why Candidates fail to Clear NEET UG

  • Lack of Systematic Approach/Lack of Awareness of Important Topics

A common problem which is observed amongst a lot of candidates is that candidates start their preparation blindly without even identifying the important topics and sections.

Candidates also do not follow a systematic approach for preparation. A common blunder committed by most of the candidates is that they fail to plan their preparation.

Candidates generally pick up subjects randomly and fail to devise proper preparation schedule.

Proper planning and preparing a study schedule are the pre-requisites before commencing preparation. Candidates must also identify the important topics and sections by referring to previous year papers.


  • Referring to Too Many Books and Sources for Preparation 

Another blunder which leads to failure is referring to too many books and sources for preparation.

Candidates generally possess the habit of referring to a wide variety of books and preparation sources.

Referring to too many books and sources only complicates the situation and creates unnecessary confusion in the minds of the candidates. Students waste a lot of precious time in figuring out the best books and preparation sources.

Candidates are advised to stick on to standard textbooks for preparing the concepts.

In addition, you can also refer to online video lectures to streamline your preparation.


  • Inappropriate Time Management/ Inability to Strike Balance between Board Exams and NEET-UG Preparation

Candidates often fail to strike a balance between the board exams and NEET UG preparation and end up encountering failure since they fail to distribute the time appropriately between board exams and medical exams preparation.

Candidates are subject to an insurmountable pressure of board exams and medical exams which cause an adverse impact on their performance.

To resolve this problem, candidates must learn to distribute time effectively between board exam and NEET-UG preparation.


  • Procrastination/ Lack of Seriousness towards the Exam

Most of the candidates possess the habit of delaying/postponing their preparation. The habit of leaving things for later generally lands the candidates in a tight spot since they are left with a lot of syllabi at the last moment.

Another factor which acts a hurdle in the success is the candidates’ lack of seriousness towards the exam. Candidates waste a lot of time on social media and other recreational activities and do not devote time to preparation.


  • Lack of Rest/Taking Stress

Some candidates get succumbed under the exam pressure and take stress of everything. This has an adverse impact on their performance in the exam.

 Lack of proper rest also affects the performance.

Candidates must avoid taking stress and must take sufficient rest to excel in the examination.


Best Wishes!

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