How I went from being an average student to cracking NEET comfortably 

NEET is a highly competitive exam which demands a sound and focused preparation coupled with determination and optimism.

In this article, we will share the story of how an average school student managed to crack NEET-2016.

We interviewed Akshay Mittal to know get insights into his success story.

Let’s have excerpts from the interview...

Prepladder: Hello Akshay. Tell us something about yourself?

Akshay Mittal: Hello! My name is Akshay Mittal. I belong to Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. I have my parents and an elder sister in my family. I am fond of reading novels and playing video games.

I passed my 12th from Gwalior with around 63% marks.


Prepladder: Which did you prefer- coaching classes or self-study?

Akshay Mittal: I preferred self-study over coaching classes since I had been an average student at school.

I did not overload myself with the coaching classes. Instead, I gathered the study material from various sources and devoted 7-8 hours each day to preparation.


Prepladder: Were you sure of getting through the coveted NEET exam?

Akshay Mittal: I was a bit nervous prior to the exam since the exam is very tough and I had always been an average student. After attempting the exam, I am confident of getting through. I am expecting more than 600 marks in NEET exam.


Prepladder: Kindly share the secret of your success in NEET?

Akshay Mittal: I would credit my success to the consistent hard work & immense dedication put in by me. I prepared for the exam with complete focus and determination. I followed a strict and strategic schedule to clear the exam. I dedicated almost 7-8 hours each day to my preparation.


Prepladder: Kindly share your preparation strategy?

Akshay Mittal: I had started my preparation from class XI and prepared rigorously for 2 years.


I am stating my preparation strategy below:

  • Review Previous Papers and Identify Important Topics

Prior to commencing my preparation, I reviewed the previous year papers and figured out the important topics with their weight age perspective.

  • Collect Good Quality Reference Material

Next, I began to gather the reference material. I referred to the NCERT and the standard textbooks for studying the concepts and bought some good books for objective questions.

I addition, I also referred to online study material and video lectures.

  • Plan and Devise a Study Schedule

Next, I prepared a weekly study schedule each week. I distributed the time among the three subjects and assigned chapters to each week from all the 3 subjects.

I started off with the high yielding topics from all the subjects and moved onto the less important ones in the later stages.

I made it a point to complete the topics as per the schedule.

  • Get Your Concepts Clear

Physics and Chemistry are conceptual and Biology is relatively fact-based. I made it a point to clear my concepts thoroughly in each topic and also practised MCQs side by side to learn the application of concepts.

  • Practice MCQs

After finishing the theoretical part of each topic, I made it a point to practice MCQs fro different books. This exposed me to a variety of questions and also helped me learn the application of concepts.

  • Take Mock Tests

I devoted the last 3 months to taking mock tests. This greatly helped me enhance my speed and accuracy and also helped me evaluate my preparation level at different stages. After taking the mock test, I checked my performance and worked on my weak areas.

Attempting both full-length and speed tests helped me substantially improve my performance in the exam.

  • Revision

I revised all the concepts, formulas and shortcuts at regular intervals. Frequent revision greatly helped me in information retention.

Prepladder: Kindly share your subject-wise preparation strategy?

Akshay Mittal: I am listing the subject-wise strategy below:




Physics is a purely conceptual section.

Initially, I made my concepts clear in each topic and solved numerical problems side-by-side.

I practised MCQs from different books and revised all the concepts







Purely Factual. I referred to NCERT books and thoroughly prepared the Facts.


Revised the facts at frequent intervals





I first understood each and every concept and learnt formulas

Then solved numerical problems





I referred NCERT + other textbooks.


Understood concepts and solved questions





Referred to NCERT and learnt facts thoroughly


Prepladder: What is your message to the aspirants?

Akshay Mittal: I would advise the aspirants to work hard, stay focused and determined and do not take stress. All the Best!


Stay tuned for latest updates on NEET preparation!

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