Ideas on how to stop exam leaks

The leaking of question papers has become a common phenomenon in almost all entrance examinations nowadays.

This has certainly become a menace to the education sector in our country.

On one hand, this malpractice encourages the candidates to expect good marks without any preparation and attain jobs meant for more deserving and qualified people. On the other front, it encourages the culprits to earn money unethically in the shortest possible time.

After the leak of AIPMT in 2015, NEET 2016 is also reported to have leaked !

This article will cast light on some techniques which are effective for Stopping Exam leaks.

Effective Techniques to Stop Exam Leaks

  • Strict action against perpetrators

A strict action must be initiated against the forces which run these rackets. The culprits must be punished brutally and heavily in order to discourage people from indulging in such practices.

The Government must ensure that the officials involved in forwarding, printing and preserving the question papers must be responsible and must be severely penalised for any leaks of the question paper in order to deter them from indulging in such practices.

People suspected of paper leakage must be penalised severely and should be fired from jobs


  • Switching to Online Testing Platform

A major alternative is to conduct online tests. Online Testing provides faster and error-free results and also serve reduces the menace of paper leaks.

Online Testing is a more reliable and secure platform since the tests are stored on secure servers and are only available at the scheduled time of examination.

Hacking can be prevented by making use of the super secure technologies.


  • Stringent Punishment for people involved in Corruption

Corruption is deep-rooted in the education sector and everyone, right from those involved in the printing, delivery, officials in treasury offices to the colleges where the papers are stored are involved in it.

The Government must enforce strict laws against those involved in corruption and the culprits must be severely penalised.

Stringent punishment must be advocated against those involved in corruption in order to deter this practice.


  • Greater vigilance over Exam Papers

Increasing the vigilance over the papers is an effective measure to prevent leakage of exam papers.

The papers must be stored under strict vigil and security to prevent leaks.

Strong monitoring committees need to be formed in order to supervise activities in Education Boards and the printing press.

The printing must take place in a secure place under surveillance cameras to ensure that the security and confidentiality of the paper are maintained right from the creation.


  • Raising Awareness

Media, civil society and academics can contribute greatly to raising awareness against this menace.

Teachers and educators must instill the correct moral values amongst the students and discourage them from getting involved in such practices. They must be made aware of the consequences of getting involved in such practices.


With a little bit of innovation, the whole structure of examining students can be transformed so that the processes become immunised against all kinds of malpractices and fair and honest assessment can take place.

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