CBSE releases NEET OMR sheet

The NEET 2016 OMR Answer Sheet has been finally released by the CBSE.

This article will share the procedure by which the NEET 2016 OMR sheet can be accessed and cast light on the other aspects associated with it.

NEET 2016 OMR Sheet : Important Dates

Here is a list of important dates associated with the NEET 2016 Answer Sheet:

Important Event


Release of NEET 2016 OMR Sheet

4th August 2016

Last Date to Access the NEET 2016 Answer Sheet

6th August 2016


Candidates are advised to secure a copy of the OMR sheet. Candidates can take a screen shot in case they find it hard to secure a copy. Securing a copy of the OMR sheet will help the candidates to match their responses with the official answer key which is slated to be released on 7th August 2016.


Steps to Access NEET 2016 OMR Sheet

The candidates can access the NEET 2016 OMR Sheet by following the steps given below:

  • The first step is to Access the link provided below


  • Next, the candidates need to login by entering their Registration Number and Password
  • On accessing the link, a small portal will bee displayed on the screen.
  • The NEET 2016 OMR Sheet of the candidate will be displayed on the screen


The candidates must cautiously enter the information in the above portal. The OMR sheet will not be generated in case any invalid details are entered.


NEET 2016 OMR Sheet Re-Evaluation 

The official authority will not entertain any requests pertaining to the re-evaluation of the NEET 2016 OMR Sheet. The responses on the machine gradable sheets have been scrutinised with intense care.


Procedure to Challenge NEET 2016 OMR Sheet

The candidates will be provided with an opportunity to challenge the NEET 2016 Answer Sheet. In order to challenge the NEET 2016 OMR Sheet, candidates will have to submit a representation against the OMR Grading.

Candidates will have to submit an amount of Rs.1000 per question challenged. Rs.1000 per question will be refunded to the candidate in case the challenge of the candidate stands valid.


Clarification on AIPMT/NEET 1 and NEET 2 

Candidates must note that the OMR sheet of the AIPMT/NEET 1 and NEET Phase 2 will be released altogether.

Candidates must not get perplexed and should check their answer sheet using the assigned Registration No. and Password.


NEET 2016 Answer Key

Here is a list of important dates associated with the NEET 2016 Answer key:

Important Event


Release of NEET 2016 Answer Key

7th August 2016

Last Date to Access the NEET 2016 Answer Key

9th August 2016

With the help of the answer key, candidates will be able to match their responses in the OMR Sheet with the correct answers of the NEET 2016 Question paper.


NEET 2016 Result

The result date has been listed in the table below:



Result Date of NEET 1 and NEET 2

17th August 2016


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Stay Tuned for the latest updates on NEET !!

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