Will NEET be held a 3rd time this year?

The NEET Phase 2 exam has been in a lot of controversy in the past few weeks. While speculations were made that the NEET Phase 2 paper had been leaked, CBSE denied it.

The controversy completely left the candidates and their parents in a state of sheer confusion.

This article will resolve all the candidates’ queries and provide clarifications to the entire issue.

NEET Phase 2: Uncertainty on Paper Leak

The NEET Phase 2 exam had been conducted by the CBSE on 24th July 2016. Though the exam was conducted amidst tight security, there were speculations of the NEET Phase 2 paper leak.

The news of EET Phase 2 paper leak gained momentum since the police had seized five people from Ramnagar and Haldwani on charges of NEET 2 paper leak.

On the contrary, the CBSE had issued the statement that the paper seized from the culprits was totally different from the original NEET 2 question paper and the candidates must not worry about the paper leak news.

The arrest of five people from Uttarakhand has again created the uncertainty over the NEET 2 paper leak.

Candidates and their parents are constantly searching for updates associated with the NEET Phase 2 RE-exam and the NEET 2 Retest Date.

Candidates and their parents must note that the CBSE has not issued any official statement associated with the NEET Phase 2 RE-exam.

The CBSE had stated in its last statement that the leaked paper was completely different from the original NEET Phase 2 question paper.

Candidates are advised to bookmark this webpage to get the latest updates on the NEET Phase 2 paper leak.

Media reports state that the NEET 2 paper leaked at least at one place. Now the question arises that how this paper leak news would affect the candidates.

The CBSE has not issued any latest statement with regard to the latest developments in this case.

Approximately 40,000 candidates had appeared in the NEET Phase 2 from Ramnagar and are likely to get affected owing to the NEET Phase 2 paper leak.

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NEET Phase 2 RE-exam

It is possible that the CBSE might conduct NEET Phase 2 RE-exam only at one centre where it is confirmed that the paper was leaked or might wait for the police to investigate further into the matter of NEET Phase 2 paper leak.

There were speculations that the paper had been sold for an amount ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs. 50 lakhs per candidate.

Media reports further stated that the culprits arrested were in touch with the students from Delhi, Ranchi, Patna, Lucknow and other major cities.

The police is investigating into the case and candidates will have to wait for the CBSE’s statement pertaining to the NEET 2 paper cancellation.



Stay Tuned to this page for the latest updates and statements from CBSE!

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