Do not force your children to become doctors, engineers : Says Topper's father

Ekansh Goyal has emerged as the second topper of NEET 2016 with AIR 2 and his father has an interesting message to convey to all the fellow parents.

In an interview with media, Sanjay Goyal, father of Ekansh Goyal conveyed the message to all the fellow parents to not force their ambitions on their children and let them children select the field of their choice.

He further conveyed that the job of the parents is to support their kids and not to fulfill their ambitions through them.

Referring to the substantial increase in the Kota suicide cases over the last two years, Sanjay Goyal criticized the parents who force their children to become doctor or engineer without realizing that they have their own ambitions.

Ekansh Goyal secured AIR 2 in the NEET 2016 with 99.999726 percentile. Ekansh had managed to secure AIR 9 in AIIMS and is currently a first year MBBS student at AIIMS.

He had also bagged AIR 8 in JIPMER 2016.

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Sanjay Goyal reached out to all the parents stating the parents fail to understand the competence of their own ward and select the career path for their children without understanding their desires and ambitions.

He further added that he never pressurized his son and supported his decisions at every step.

Ekansh’s mother, Nancy Goyal stated that Ekansh had been a brilliant student throughout and it was his decision to take up Biology after Class 10.

In 2014, Ekansh like other engineering and medical aspirants had relocated to Kota to join classroom coaching program at Allen Career Institute.

His mother added that her son was not money-minded and his primary objective to pursue medicine was to serve people. She added that they never forced their child to go out of the way and perform well but only motivated him to follow his dreams.

Supporting his parents’ views, Ekansh added one’s own happiness is most important and one should pursue studies according to one’s own desires and interests and should not pursue something which you don’t like.

Ekansh is an avid footballer and has played at the state-level. He is a big fan of Manchester United and Real Madrid. He is also fond of playing guitar and is a big foodie.


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