Confusion still surrounds NEET 

Following the promulgation of the NEET ordinance by the President, NEET served as a mandatory requirement was admission to Medical and Dental Courses across the country. Nonetheless, dilemma prevails over the admission process in various states and students are being impacted.

Despite the Supreme Court mandate over the procedure of getting admission to Medical Institutions through NEET, aspirants are still bewildered over the admission procedure.

In accordance to the ordinance issued by the President, CET no longer serves as the gateway for admission to any Medical college across the country. Majority of the aspirants seeking admission to State Medical Colleges were still uncertain over the admission procedure for MBBS and BDS admissions since NEET was already made binding for Medical Admissions across the country.

As per the directives of the Supreme Court, every aspirant seeking admission to State or National Medical Institutes will have to go through NEET.

Major Problems Still Unresolved

  • The NEET ordinance issued from the President’s office, however, approved admissions CET exclusively for May 2016 and further notified NEET as binding for Medical Admissions from the following year

  • Several Medical Institutions across the country regarded the directives inapplicable and unacceptable prior to the intervention of the Union Health Ministry

  • Rajesh Jain, State Member for Parents Association for Medical Students (PAMS) stated that the decision dampened the spirits of the aspirants and had to appear for the NEET forcibly and were gradually unhappy with the scores in the end.

  • Even though the objective of NEET is to ensure a Uniform Admission Procedure for Medical aspirants across the country, some States are giving more preference to its own aspirants.

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Students seeking admission to Private Medical Institutes in Maharashtra are facing difficulties as the Institutes are giving preference to the aspirants from the State.

Dr. Pravin Shingare, Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) stated that the State Government has framed this rule to provide benefit to those who are domicile of the State and the outsiders would be given Second preference.


Absence of Uniform Fee Structure

Another major problem faced by the aspirants is the absence of a uniform fee structure across multiple Medical Institutes. A student from New Delhi stated that Private College fees are lower in comparison to Deemed Universities. Consequently, students are forced to opt for Institutes demanding higher fees which is unfair. He further stated that States like Delhi and Haryana have no such rule.


Bring about a change, Let your voice be heard.

Sign this petition and let us know what you think.

Should NEET be held online without the intervention of the CBSE?

* All the results will be compiled and forwarded to HRD ministry.


Yes (66%)

No (34%)

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