Today we feature the interview of Ms. Shaista Shakil who scored 493 in NEET and secured an AIR of 8900. She will be studying MBBS at Vardhman Institute Of Medical Sciences in Bihar starting 2016.

PrepLadder : Hello, Please tell us a little about yourself.

Shaista : Hi PrepLadder, Its me Shaista Shakil. I hail from Bihar originally and have nobody in my family from a medical background.

PrepLadder : When did you decide to be a doctor?

Shaista : Since there is nobody in my family with a medical background, I decided in class 9th that I want to be a  doctor and serve my country well. I started preparing for my AIPMT/NEET exam in 2013 right after i finished my Class 10.

PrepLadder : That's great that you wanna serve your country and society. Please share with us how you prepared for NEET, your strategy, your schedule.

Shaista : I did my foundation from Aakash Institute and generally devoted ample time to my studies. I was always motivated to do well and wanted to achieve my dream of becoming a doctor. 

I studied hard but also smart as burnout is quite common among medical students preparing for AIPMT/NEET.

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PrepLadder : Please share your study plan for candidates preparing for NEET 2017

Shaista : In medical, guidance is of utmost important. Be in touch with positive people, adjust your biological clock, take good sleep and devote your time properly to study by heart.

Under no circumstances should you study under pressure. Make short notes in organic, inorganic and biology.

And  revise each and every topic. Remember to always clear your concepts.

PrepLadder : What was your strategy after 12th board? How did you plan your revision?

Shaista : I just made a daily diary which included short notes, formulas , wrong question and used to revise everything I had studied so far.

I focused only on NCERT and its questions. Also I solved as many mock test papers as I could.

PrepLadder : Is time management difficult in NEET? How did you manage it? 

Shaista : It can be a bit difficult if you put yourself under pressure during the exam. Always maintain a clear head and trust your instincts.

If you're well prepared, you will do well, as long as you remain confident in your abilities.

I first went through all the questions I knew i could solve, then the last 30 minutes I devoted to the unanswered questions.

Remember never to mark questions by guessing. Negative marking can make or break you in NEET/AIPMT.

PrepLadder : Which books would you recommend to other NEET aspirants?

Shaista : I only focused on NCERT books. I feel they are good enough to help you crack NEET.

PrepLadder : Any final remarks?

Shaista : To all students preparing for NEET 2017, be confident and trust your abilities.

Prepare well and you will definitely see results. 

PrepLadder : Thank you Shaista for talking to us. !

Shaista : It was my pleasure :)

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