PrepLadder Success Story : Amritansh Tiwari

Today we feature the interview of Mr. Amritansh Tewari who scored 540 in NEET and secured an AIR of 2349 He will be studying MBBS at Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial Medical College in Kanpur.

PrepLadder : Hello, Please tell us a little about yourself.

Amritansh :  Hi guys, my name is Amritansh Tiwari. I passed my Class 12 last year with an aggregate score of 89%. My father is in the army and my mother is a housewife. I love reading books ,playing cricket, exploring new things.

PrepLadder : When did you decide to be a doctor?

Amritansh : Seeing my Dad serve in the army I always wanted to serve my country as well, So I decided to be a doctor after my Class 10.

PrepLadder : That's amazing to hear Amritansh. Please share with us how you prepared for NEET, your strategy, your schedule.

Amritansh : I dedicated my time equally to all subjects as I realised all of them are equally important for my preparation.

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PrepLadder : Please share your study plan for candidates preparing for NEET 2017

Amritansh : Students should focus on limited items as I believe that limited study with smart work is the key to success. Studying for 4-5 hours and coaching classes I feel are must to crack the exam.

PrepLadder : What was your strategy after 12th board? How did you plan your revision?

Amritansh : I tried my best to do regular revision so as not to get stressed out during the day of the exam

PrepLadder : Is time management difficult in NEET? How did you manage it? 

Amritansh : Yes its challenging but its a key factor determining success. We all fail to follow the time time tables that we make. I also failed many times to follow my study schedule but eventually it all worked out fine.

PrepLadder : Which books would you recommend to other NEET aspirants?

Amritansh : First of all the Holy Book of NEET preparation is NCERT. All candidates must have prepared NCERT front to end if they wanna succeed in NEET.

Other than NCERT, the books I would recommend are 

  1. For Physics - MTG AIPMT Guide
  2. For Chemistry - Aakash Explorer
  3. For Biology - NCERT at fingerprints

PrepLadder : Did this year's confusion about NEET/AIPMT and the 2 NEETs bother you?

Amritansh : I did not let all the confusion get to me in anyway. I was determined to succeed which is exactly what I achieved.

PrepLadder : Any final remarks?

Amritansh : I hope my experiences come to the aid of students preparing for NEET 2017

PrepLadder : Thank you Amritansh for talking to us. !

Amritansh : Thank you so much for having me guys.

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Today we feature the interview of Mr. Amritansh Tewari who scored 540 in NEET and secured an AIR of [ ... ]