Issues Associated with NEET UG 2017

Medical Education has been through a lot of uncertainty and confusion in the year 2016. Consequently, medical aspirants had to face a really tough time since news and updates pertaining to NEET started coming just 3 days prior to the AIPMT exam.

Amidst the Supreme Court Hearings and issues of States, NEET manifested itself as a source of anxiety and nervousness among the Medical Aspirants.

Nonetheless, the issue was later resolved and NEET UG now serves as the sole gateway for admission to Medical and Dental UG courses in various Medical and Dental Institutions across the nation.

Medical aspirants must now be geared up to start afresh and some of them must have considered dropping a year for NEET UG 2017.

This post will familiarize you with various issues associated with NEET UG 2017 which the aspirants must be facing.

Issues Associated with NEET UG 2017

Here is a list of Issues which the aspirants must be facing:

How to Prepare for NEET UG?

Well, aspirants must be contemplating about what preparation strategy they must follow or how to approach NEET UG. This is not a big issue since the exam pattern of both AIPMT and NEET UG is similar.

Therefore, the preparation strategy for NEET UG must be same as AIPMT.

The only additional requirement is that you will have to make a fair competitive analysis throughout your preparation.

You need to do a reality check by attempting more and more Mock Tests organized at All-India level.

Further, it will help you analyze where you stand in terms of preparation which could be gauged by the Rank you achieve in the All-India level Mock Tests.


How State Board Students should go for NEET UG Preparation? 

State Board students face a major difficulty since the syllabus of the State Boards is slightly different from the CBSE syllabus.

However, you can overcome this difficulty by preparing for both Boards and NEET UG simultaneously.

A smart strategy is to first prepare the topics which are common to both the State Board Syllabus and NEET UG and then prepare the uncommon topics.


Emphasize on Theoretical part for the Boards and focus on Problem - Solving for NEET UG.


How to tackle the language issue in NEET UG? 

Language could be a barrier for students not familiar with the English language.

However, this is a minute issue compared to the hard work it takes to clear the NEET UG exam.


Language issue could be easily dealt with. You must start taking English classes in case you are not familiar with the language.


How to deal with the Intense Competition?

Undoubtedly, the competition has increased manifold since NEET UG will now serve as the sole gateway for entry to Medical and Dental UG courses.

The number of candidates appearing in NEET UG will increase tremendously since NEET solely has replaced all State Medical Entrance Examinations.

Although the competition level has increased manifold, the good news is that the Number of seats falling under the ambit of NEET UG has also increased tremendously.


NEET UG: A Boon or a Bane?

Almost every medical aspirant must be wondering whether the implementation of NEET is a Boon or a Bane. It will appear as a Bane to some of the medical aspirants such as the State Board aspirants since they will wonder how to cope up with both Boards and NEET.

Overall, it will prove to be a Boon since its’ implementation offers numerous benefits.


It has put an end to the multiple entrance examinations which an aspirant has to sit in. Further, it has brought more transparency in the admission procedure. It will help in curbing the corruption involved in the admission process.

All the Private Institutions who were admitting students by demanding huge capitation fees and donations will now have to admit students solely on Merit basis.

Further, the course fee will also be regulated.


Golden Tip

Enroll in a Good Online Test Series : You must enroll in a good Online Mock Test Series. Attempting tests in the online mode will immensely increase your Speed and Accuracy. This will help you attempt Offline Tests with a much higher Speed and Accuracy.

Further, attempting Online Mock Tests will provide exposure to different types of questions. Further, consistently attempting Mock Tests will help you evaluate your performance and current level of preparation.


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