Importance of Online Mock Tests in NEET UG Preparation

Adequate practice plays a vital role in achieving a good rank and score in NEET UG. This is where Online Mock Tests becomes relevant for NEET UG preparation.

An Online Mock Test provides you the feel of the real exam environment and it becomes all the more significant for offline exams such as NEET UG where perceivably no good mock tests exist in the offline mode.

In this post, we will emphasize on the Importance of Online Mock Tests in the preparation of an Offline exam such as NEET UG.

Importance of Online Mock Tests in NEET UG Preparation

Here, we list some perceivable benefits of Taking Online Mock Tests as a part of NEET UG preparation:

Helps learn Effective Time Management 

Time Management plays a highly crucial role in ascertaining your success or failure in NEET UG.

Attempting the complete exam is not an easy task considering the restricted time span and the amount of questions.

Further, the difficulty level of majority of the questions also varies between ‘Moderate’ and ‘High’. Therefore, Online Mock Tests act as the only savior in such situations.

Attempting large number of Mock Tests throughout the preparation will eventually help you learn effective Time Management. The time devoted per question and section will gradually reduce with each subsequent attempt.

Attempting tests in the online mode will substantially improve your Time Management skills and will facilitate attempting the Offline exam with more Effective Time Management.


Helps Enhance Speed and Accuracy 

Besides Time Management, Speed and Accuracy are the other factors which play a crucial role in ascertaining your success in the exam.

Attempting more and more Online Mock Tests will gradually enhance your Speed & Accuracy of attempt.

Further, there are Specific ‘Speed Tests’ designed to enhance Speed and Accuracy.

You will observe that with each subsequent attempt, the amount of time devoted per question and section will reduce and your speed will elevate.


Further, your Accuracy will also enhance will each successive attempt. Attempting large number of Online Mock Tests during the preparation will facilitate attempting the Offline exam with much better Accuracy and Pace.


Provides Exposure to New Questions 

Another significant advantage offered by the Online Mock Tests is that they provide exposure to new and different varieties of questions which is usually not achievable through the restricted number of questions available in competition books.


Helps Analyze Important Questions & Increase your Score 

Solving Online Mock Tests will provide you an idea of the Important and High-yielding questions from the examination perspective. This is because the Mock Tests are designed by Subject Experts who are well acquainted with the questions carrying importance from the examination viewpoint.


Further, Mock Tests also contain questions from the previous year papers, the chances of which getting repeated are very high. Therefore, solving Mock Tests helps to analyze the important questions and enhance your overall score.


Provides Immediate Feedback & Elicits Improvement 

After each Mock Test attempt, Mock Tests provide immediate feedback on your performance. You can instantly review your performance after each Mock Test attempt.

Further, the ‘Performance Analysis’ provides Detailed information on the areas in which you are strong and the areas in which improvement is required.

Therefore, Mock Tests help to analyze your mistakes and gradually enhance your performance with each subsequent attempt.


Helps to Gauge your Preparation level 

Attempting Mock Tests through the preparation will help you to gauge your preparation level at different stages during the examination.

You can assess your performance through the Ranking and score your achieve in each mock test.


Provides a Reality Check 

Merely tracking your own performance is not sufficient in order to qualify NEET UG. To be able to outshine lakhs of candidates in NEET UG, you need to perform a ‘Reality Check’.

Participating in the Online Mock Tests organized at the ‘All India level’ helps you gauge your current level of preparation through the ‘Ranking’ and ‘Score’ achieved in such tests.


Offers Customized Improvement

Online Mock Tests provide customized improvement since the tests are designed to adapt to the intellect and competence level of the individuals.

Therefore, Mock Tests offers customized improvement as per the intellect level of the individuals.


Helps to Structure the Preparation in Parts 

Online Mock Tests are categorized into – Topic-wise Tests, Sectional Tests, Full-length Tests and Speed Tests.

These all facilitate preparation in parts and help to structure the preparation from scratch. Candidates will first attempt Topic-wise Tests after thoroughly preparing and practicing each topic or unit which will help in attaining expertise in each unit.

Further, Sectional Tests help in highlighting the weak areas of the subject and attain expertise in the section.


Lastly, Full-length tests which will help in figuring out the overall weaker areas and gradually enhance performance.

Further, candidates can attempt ‘Speed Tests’ throughout to increase their speed and accuracy.


In this way, Online Mock Tests help to structure the preparation in parts.


We are sure that this post will definitely familiarize you with the Importance of Online Mock Tests in NEET UG preparation.


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