NEET-UG is one of the toughest gateway examinations for entrance in MBBS course and it is around the corner. Candidates who will be appearing this year must be at their deepest height of nervousness, nervousness because of fear of the examination, lack of practice or because of the inner feeling about uncertainty of recalling everything during exam.

PrepLadder has come up with 5 important last minute tips that an aspirant of NEET-UG must keep in mind to ensure success.

5 Last minute tips for NEET-UG preparation

Not hard but Study smart

With little time left for examination, sitting for long restless hours is only going to frustrate you. Hard work at this point of time is only going to mingle things up. So the best case possible is to be smart and apply it in preparing well.

Focus on your strengths and prepare the topics that you can recall easily. Don’t take up new topics. Study the filtered out topics having more weightage in NEET-UG. As Biology makes 50 per cent of the examination, so pay more emphasis on Biology. Be prepared with Morphology, Kingdoms and Anatomy as these are important topics. Prepare the list of important formulae of Physics and Chemistry and go through them regularly.


Importance of Revision

Once a topic studied faints over time but what’s helps in recalling for longer time is revising over and over again. Revision refreshes the topic and gives better understanding. It is like the more times you study better the understanding will get. Revise all the topics that you have prepared in the past for NEET-UG. Revise the important topics and also the topics of your strength.


Practice Tests

This is a very important step towards ensuring success in the examination because practice tests provide you a better approach to the examination pattern and content to be prepared. Practicing tests is necessary because this gives you crystal clear feedback about where you stand in preparation levels.

Join test series to check your performance and work on your weaker sections to improve them and enter the examination hall well prepared.


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Relax yourself

Breaks are highly recommended to regain energy and relax the body both mentally and physically. Though this is very crucial time for every candidate appearing for the examination and most of them indulge in the activities which pile up stress instead of relieving it. They start studying 15 hours a day cutting off from the normal schedule, skipping meals and cutting short sleeping time. This practice is not at beneficial in any way. Study hard but take breaks sleep well, eat well and stay healthy.


Self Confidence

This is the most important tip of all because self-confidence is a quality without which you cannot do anything, no matter how much you have prepared. Self Confidence is thus very important as it gives you an inner positive power to do the things which seemed impossible without self-trust.

But relying only on self-confidence without any preparation is also not going to help you sail across.

Thus proper preparation with adequate practice and self-confidence is required to sail through any waters.

Best Wishes!!

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