Its pretty obvious that knowing all the answers in the NEET-UG exam isn’t possible for any candidate. How to circumvent that and increase your overall accuracy and correct answers in the exam?


The rule of thumb for a much better accuracy is any MCQ exam is – To carefully read all the choices before picking one.

But what do you do if you have no idea which option is the correct one?

Here are some unknown techniques put together by PrepLadder experts! Read and score more in NEET-UG-2016


1. The Von Restorff effect:

Usually we are led to believe that the very first option we choose in an exam is quite likely to be the correct answer. We’re told never to change the option, we believe that if we change our answer, we’re most likely going from correct to wrong.

However, research suggests that most of the times we change our answer, it goes the other way, from wrong to the correct option.

We only remember the times we changed our answer from correct to wrong and conveniently forget the times we changed our answer to the correct option. This act of selectively remembering unfavorable/usual events is Von Restorff effect.

The percentage of “right to wrong” changes is 20.2%, whereas the percentage of “wrong to right” changes is 57.8%, nearly triple.

So, don’t be discouraged from changing your answer from the first option you chose


2. Quite often “All of the above” is a valid response

If you have the tiniest hint that more than one option could be correct, choose ‘All of the above’.


3. When everything else fails, pick (b) or (c)

Examiners subconsciously think that the correct answer would be harder to find if its ‘hidden’ better i.e. if its nestled between two options.


4. Practice makes perfect

Practicing the tips mentioned above as much as possible before appearing the exam would help candidates a lot. Also getting to know the exam pattern and getting comfortable with it gives the candidate an edge.


Remember, When all else fails, The Art of Intelligent Guessing comes in Handy.


Leave your comments or questions in the section below.

Best Wishes !!

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