Many candidates wonder, even after putting a lot backbreaking hard work in the preparation of AIPMT where did they lack that they could not make it through the exam. This article is a compilation of the blunders made the candidates in AIPMT preparation which gave them a nose dive in the examination.


Below discussed are the reasons that held you back from qualifying the exam.

  1. Lack of Systematic approach

Many candidates preparing for AIPMT lack the most important thing which should have been an important part of their preparation strategy. Candidates should follow a proper way of studying the topics and above that, they should know what to study and especially what not to study. Students should give importance to the important topics first than studying the books in sequence. Talking about important topics, candidates should prepare the topic keeping in mind its necessity.

Plan your study routine keeping in mind that you study all the subjects daily and revise them from time to time, so that you don’t forget them.

  1. High School Mistakes

This is the major factor that decides your performance in the AIPMT Exam. If the students had been attentive and took the studies seriously in the academic years of high school education then it is a doddle task for them. But if the students did not pay attention in the classes and did not do adequate homework then AIPMT exam will take a lot more than breaking the back of beast.

Be serious and take the classes seriously and see how easy piece of cake the preparation becomes for clearing the exam.

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  1. Procrastination

This is a very bad habit possessed by most of us. We leave the things to do later, but what happens later, we all are aware. Plan the things that need to be done in particular frame of time and complete it within that allotted time. Don’t leave the things for later.

Decide the amount of stuff to do efficiently keeping in mind your capacity to do things such that neither you over burden yourself nor you be lenient to studies.

  1. Taking it for granted

Sometimes candidates preparing for the AIPMT take it for granted that they certainly will clear the exam as they have always secured the best percentages in their respective class. But luck does not repeat itself in AIPMT. For AIPMT, you need to be very precise in every way to clear the examination. Because the level of 12th examination is comprehensively lower than that of AIPMT. Therefore, the level of preparation has to be elevated by many folds.

Be realistic and take up the preparation confidently. But avoid over confidence at all times.

  1. Taking Stress

Few students have a habit of taking a lot of stress of everything which is disastrous for sure. Take proper rest and then study the syllabus afresh, this will help you focus better on the studies and you will remember the topic for long.

Taking stress is only going to cause harm and nothing positive. Better be stress-free.

  1. Referring to too many books and sources for preparation:

Referring to too many sources for one particular topic is obviously going to drive you crazy, why? Because every book has its own way of explaining things and in some cases these ways of explaining differ at such a huge scale that leaves the reader either quit the topic or utterly confused.

So refer to one good source for preparing the subjects.

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Do you have any tips for AIPMT candidates?

Share them in the comments section below.

Best Wishes!!

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