The Honourable Supreme Court Of India approved NEET for medical entrance exams across India cancelling all State PMTs and replacing the AIPMT exam that was scheduled to be held on 1st May 2016. Keep Refreshing this page for latest news.

The timing of the decision infuriated many students who were left confused by the sudden change in the exam schedule. Whilst NEET might be good for medical students in the long run, replacing AIPMT by NEET only 2 days before the exam angered many.

Also the fact that the exam would be held in 2 phases thereby giving the candidates appearing on July 24th an unfair advantage over the candidates appearing on May 1st was widely derided.

May 20th, Friday, Update

1. NEET phase 2 will be conducted as per the earlier schedule 
2. All Govt colleges of 15% quota will be filled through NEET ranking
3. All Colleges of Central Govt. and Autonomous Colleges like AMU, BHU will take admissions through NEET ranking
4. All Private Colleges will take admission through NEET ranking.
5. All minority colleges like CMC vellore will take admission through NEET ranking.
6. State will have right to go either with NEET ranking or to conduct their own entrance exam.
7. If you belong to Bihar then you should know that Bihar has already conducted its own entrance exam with notification that no one can get admission in MBBS and BDS through BCECE main. Now it has options to take admission through NEET ranking or to conduct second time exam which may be the rarest of the rare case. So it seems that it will admit students through NEET ranking like M.P, Delhi, Orisa, Rajasthan ......
8. Only some states like Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Gujarat, Karnataka ...are expected to conduct their own Exam and will fill 85% state quota through it because of their syllabus and language problems.

An Ordinance to postpone NEET for a year and put a stay on the Supreme Court, effectively giving states the rights to hold their State PMTs for 2016.

A shameful step in India's medical education today by the government of India !
Nadda, however, had made it clear earlier that private medical colleges and deemed universities cannot have their entrance exams and will have to take students only through the NEET route.

NEET-2 will still happen ! States who wish to be exempt can do so and hold their own tests.

Private colleges or Deemed universities can not hold their separate tests.

May 16th, Monday, Update

*Latest Update -

All parties have agreed to an outcome on NEET. All major political parties of the country, INC, BJP, INLD, TMC were represented in the meeting.

They have all agreed that NEET must be postponed by one year, but no private colleges must be allowed to hold their own entrance exams.

An ordinance for the same is expected to be brought in soon!


Today, On May 16th, health ministers' from all the states met with the Union Health Minister, Mr. JP Nadda over the NEET-UG issue. The state ministers put forward their views regarding the NEET exam to Mr. Nadda with differing views.

Most of the state ministers expressed their desire to postpone NEET exam by at least 1 year and let the states hold their own State PMTs.

Delhi health Minister, Mr. Satyendra Jain however supported the SC decision to hold NEET which he said is beneficial for medical students in the long run and will help clamp down on rampant medical corruption in the country.

Even though Supreme Court is the highest authority in the country, the government can circumvent its order to hold NEET by bringing in an ordinance in the Parliament and effectively overriding the Honourable Supreme Court's decision.

We will keep bringing you more updates as they happen.


May 9th, Monday, Update

The hearing is scheduled to begin at 2.30 PM, stay tuned for all updates. 

Hearing in NEET matter has started; Ranjeet Kumar making submissions.

Ranjit Kumar is right now reading NEET bulletin 2013 conducted by CBSE.

NEET phase 2 would be open for all; Irrespective of NEET phase 1 exam, All students can give NEET exams in July.

Huge news, everybody can appear in NEET Phase 2 irrespective of whether they appeared in NEET Phase 1 or not.


NEET phase 2 exams in July would be conducted in regional languages as well. This cancels out the states' argument that exam in just Hindi and English is a problem for regional students who have been preparing for State PMTs in their respective state languages.

Another huge announcement by the SC. States would probably have no response to this.

Court may allow States to conduct entrance exams in regional languages; Order would be uploaded on Supreme Court's website

Arguments have concluded; Bench has reserved the order which would be uploaded on Supreme Court's website at 4.30 PM today.

A delay on NEET order has been caused as Justice Shiv Kirti Singh was on bench for Uttarakhand matter as well.

Supreme Court NEET order.

1. Only NEET would enable admissions to MBBS or BDS courses.

2. Supreme Court wont 'allow' entrance examinations conducted by State Governments. Only NEET would be applicable now

3. Those students who have appeared in NEET 1 can appear for NEET 2, if eligible candidates give up their candidature from NEET 1

4. Score secured in NEET 2 would be considered for admission, and not NEET 1 (if a student appears for both NEET 1 & 2

5. CBSE and MCI can change the dates for NEET 2 examination.

6. An Oversight Committee appointed by Supreme Court shall oversee and monitor NEET 2 conducted by CBSE

7. Court refused the arguments of State that NEET will affect the rights of private institutions or the State Govt.

8. Existing reservation rules or rights of minorities will not be affected by NEET. NEET only provides entrance exam for MBBS/BDS.

May 6th, Friday, Update

2 pm - Hearing has just started; Bench consists of Justice Anil R Dave, Shiva Kirti Singh and Adarsh Kumar Goel

On behalf of MCI, Vikas Singh has submitted three suggestions:

a) Only state govt. college can be kept outside NEET exam. 

b) Banks will consider giving loans to poor students without any collateral security (Suggestion by MCI on NEET exams).

c)  Students who have given May 1st exam should not be allowed to give July exam for NEET 

Court has directed that matter would be now heard on Monday.

Court can exempt Govt. college students from NEET, but private college students would be mandated to give NEET. 

Justice Anil Dave said to all parties involved: Students must not remain in confusion. You must clarify.

May 5th, Thursday, Update

*Hearing on matter has started; Senior Adv. Tushar Mehta is arguing on behalf of Gujarat

Tushar Mehta, representing Gujarat, shows medical ques papers in English & Gujarati & asks how will a student answer them?

Tushar Mehta:A Gujarati student wont be able to write the answer in English, even if he knows the answers as terminologies are diff.

As per Tushar, a Gujarati medium student wont be able to compete with English medium student; asks #NEET to be deferred for a year

Tushar Mehta : there are 64377 students in Gujarati medium, & students are expecting single window test for MBBS,BHMS,BPT,Nursing etc

State of Gujarat argues: Out of 64k Gujarati medium students, only 24k have applied for AIPMT; which is not even 50%

Gujarat says that 30% of the NEET syllabus is different from what they have been preparing till now; students will massively fail.

Prashant Bhushan says that students who appeared in May 1 exam couldn't study due to Board Exams

Prashant Bhushan requests that May 1 exam be cancelled, and students who appeared in that exam be allowed for July exam

Maharashtra is being represented by Shyam Dhawan; and they have requested NEET to be exempted in their state.

Maharashtra says CET 2016 was conducted today, wherein 4 lakh students from Maharashtra have appeared

Maharashtra also requests that those students who appeared in May1st exam be allowed to appear in 2nd phase of exam as well

Maharashtra requests that #NEET should be confined to only 15% of overall medical seats in the State

Maharashtra says: Language is a crucial factor for students,and even if students know the ans, they wont be able to answer in English, and that students would need 'tremendous coaching' time, even for 2nd phase of exam in July and that People in rural Maharashtra, who were doing well in CET, would be now in a disadvantage situation due to #NEET exams

 Counsels are now requesting the Judges to hear the matter tomorrow

 Meanwhile, Justice Dave has just made a statement: All arguments made by States are same; its a sheer 'waste of time'

#NEET matter has been listed for tomorrow at 2 PM; All applicants are asked to submit their submissions in 1 page


A final decision is expected tomorrow by the SC after it had asked the MCI to respond to state govt. queries on holding their own PMT exams.

Bookmark this page and keep refreshing for more details.

May 3rd, Tuesday, Update

The Supreme Court was hearing a petition from various states and the MCI for holding their own State PMT exams and Private deemed universities to hold theirs.

The Supreme Court has reserved judgement till Thursday, May 5th.  Supreme Court has asked the MCI to respond to various state Government's plea to hold separate exams this year.

MCI has been given time to respond by Thursday

Meanwhile States which are insisting on conducting their separate exam will continue holding their exam as per schedule (if they have already scheduled exam on Wednesday or Thursday)

The order of Supreme Court on 29th April was not clear whether States and private colleges would be covered under NEET-UG or not.

State of Jammu & Kashmir and Association of Private Medical Colleges of Karnataka were just some of the bodies that had challenged the decision of the Court.

As it stands now, the situation is still unclear and candidates would have to wait till Thursday for further details. Till then, do not believe rumours on the internet.

Bookmark this page for latest news and keep checking back.

April 29, Friday UPDATE

The central government has protested in the SC today that it would be very difficult to hold the NEET exam at such a short notice. An argument presented by many state governments and medical colleges on 28th April which was promptly dismissed by the SC.

The Attorney General of India, Mr. Mukul Rohatgi said the government is "worried about the next generation of doctors" and has given a few suggestions to the apex court as to how to move forward. He has suggested that the exam on May 1st be scrapped completely and NEET be held in one phase on July 24th. He suggested that state PMTs be allowed to take place in the meantime. An AIPMT style exam could be held on 24th July which would give the government and states ample time to properly prepare for the exam.

A decision by the court is expected at 3PM on Friday, 29th April.

Update :

The Supreme Court of India has decided to reject all petitions and has ordered the NEET exam on 1st May be continued as previously ordered.

This decision is final and is now unlikely to be changed.

All State PMTs can conduct their exams as per their old schedule and will not be covered under NEET 2016.

Keep checking back for more updates !

Sign the petition, let your voice be heard.

Bring about a change, Let your voice be heard.

Sign this petition and let us know what you think about Supreme Court’s decision.

Should NEET held on 1st May be scrapped in favour of one common exam on July 24th?

* All the results will be compiled and forwarded to HRD ministry.


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