This is the normal question that strikes every engineering students mind during his/her B.Tech. Well this is normal because every engineering student expects a better future scope by clearing GATE examination. Well, deciding a generalized time to start preparation for every aspirant is impossible. This is because everybody is different and has diffferent way of studying and different IQ levels.

In this article we will discuss the optimum time span required for GATE preparations based on an average IQ candidate.

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But before that here are some tips that can be beneficial for every GATE aspirant.

 How to start Preparing for GATE

  • Attend the college lectures sincerely and revise them timely.
  • Prepare a notebook for each subject and write important points tips,things you find difficult that you can revise at the end days of Gate Preparation.
  • Work on the basics. Make your basics strong by paying attention in the classes and also by solving the queries that arise while self study.
  • By the time you complete your 5th sem of, your 70% of the syllabus is covered, start going through previous GATE exam papers and see how much you can solve.


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  • If you face any difficulty in the topics that you have already covered, get it sorted with the help of your professors.
  • When you enter your final year, this is the time when you should get serious with the GATE preparations. Spare time for self study for GATE syllabus.
  • Test your knowledge by taking sample tests.
  • Join test series and take regular tests.
  • Last three months before the must be solely dedicated for GATE practise  and revision.
  • Devote at least 4 hours a day in these three months. And finally when the big day comes. You will be overwhelmed with your results.
  • if you think coaching is path for success, decide yourself by reading article  "coaching is required for gate " , whether coaching is for you or not.


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This was the general concept which ensures victory on general basis. However this can vary from person to person.

When to start Preparing for GATE

  • Some students have high level of IQ and they need very little time to learn and retain most of it. For them 6 Months of dedicated study is more than sufficient.
  • Some students have an above average IQ, which means they need two to three readings for storing the stuff they study along with some revisions and moderate practice.
  • While there are average IQ candidates who require a lot of time for learning and revising.
  • Below average IQ candidates need a lot of time for learning and practice. They have to do back breaking hard work to clear the GATE exam. However there stress level can be eased if they are regular and focused to their aim.


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Now, for the candidates who have high and above average IQ level, beginning of the final year is the best time to start preparing for GATE to crack the exam in first attempt.

However, candidates with average IQ and Below average IQ, beginning of third year is the best time to start preparing on moderatee scale. They should increase the number of hours for practice during the final semester period.

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These were the best times to start preparing for GATE based on the various levels of understanding and learning power of the candidates.

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