Many candidates faced disappointment in GATE 2016 due to several different reasons. Many candidates barely cleared the cut-off of GATE 2016 in their streams. In this article we will discuss all the Concrete Reasons for the failure in GATE 2016 exam:


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Avoid these mistakes in GATE 2017:

The reasons which led to the failure in previous year’s GATE exam are discussed as following:


1. Lack of Focus

Many candidates preparing for GATE lack focus. These candidates take the exam casually and lack in preparation. First of all most of these candidates are confused among GATE, MBA and placement. Get rid of this confusion by directing yourself towards only one target. If you choose to go for GATE then give it your 100% focus. Forget about other things and work on achieving your target.


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2. Partial knowledge About the Important Topics :

The candidates who do not take the initiative to know maximum about the examination process usually suffer at the hands of examination. Hence, make it a crucial part of your preparation to analyze the syllabus completely, types of questions asked in the examination and pattern of the examination. By doing so you can filter the important topics from unimportant topics and save your time and energy in concentrating on unimportant topics. Prepare important topics and revise them again and again.


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3. Time Management Problem

Candidates lacked effective technique to utilize the given time efficiently during the examination. Proper time management strategy must be acquainted to ensure success in GATE .Try to answer the questions of which you are confident enough that you can answer them first,if still you are left with time then try other questions. As Gate has negative marking, do not make guess. Mark the answer if you consider that it is 80 % correct.


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4. Students don’t practice

Candidates participating in the examination usually out of time while answering the questions. You should practice more to improve your speed in answering the questions. By practicing you will get to know more varieties of questions, level of questions and eventually you get technique to solve such questions. So try to give mock Test and solve previous gate papers , this will definitely become a key to success to GATE 2017.


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5. Less Acquainted with Online Pattern

GATE is conducted in online mode. Most of the Candidates have very little knowledge about the online examination pattern. This is because candidates were just used to the traditional method of paper- pencil. Thus in order to eliminate this alienness with the online pattern, join online mock tests and become comfortable with the online pattern. 


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6. Unaware about the examination pattern

Some of the candidates with very less preparation and knowledge about GATE did not know much about the examination pattern. Some attempted all the questions unaware with the negative marking. Some had no clue about the cut off for the examination. They were not prepared for the difficulty level of the examination.


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7. Unaware of the Difficulty Level

Students considered as the level to be same as of university exam. They studied as they are appearing for university exam. Since the syllabus of GATE is vast, you should consider what to study, what approach to be followed , at what difficulty level the paper comes. Take all things in mind for GATE 2017.


These are some of the factors that led to the failure in GATE, but try to learn from mistakes of others and try not to make these mistakes.Join a coaching centre if necessary. Join online test series to improve your weak points.


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Best Wishes!!


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