Why drop an year when you can crack GATE examination in the first attempt?

In this article we will share a well planned and exercised strategy for clearing the GATE examination in the first attempt in your final B.Tech Engineering semester. This strategy is devised especially keeping an average student in mind. We have shared how an average IQ level candidate can clear GATE examination within the first attempt.


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Strategic approach for GATE

If you are an average student and aim for cracking GATE then this is the right article for you. GATE is not an easy chase, of course it takes a lot of extra effort than your university engineering exams. GATE preparations is not a day, a month or a quarter but a year’s task.

When to start preparations seriously then and how?


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Well, it is hard to frame the exact generalized time of preparation for all, but we have designed this strategy by targeting an average IQ student.

Beginning of 5th semester is the best time to buckle up to start preparing for GATE. By this time most of the B.Tech syllabus is covered,so it is the perfect time to start snatching few hours from your daily schedule and dedicate it for GATE.

Since you have a tight schedule at this point of time so two hours spared for GATE preparations is sufficient.


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Things to do in preparation time


In the initial stage say 2 weeks

  • Study the pattern of the examination like how many questions are asked, what type of questions are asked, etc.
  • Analyse the syllabus for the examination.
  • Sort the topics in decreasing order of weightage from examination viewpoint.
  • Seperate important from unimportant topics.
  • Download previous 10 years papers
  • Check how much you know from the subjects that you have already studied in B.tech.
  • Don’t panic if you don’t know anything, instead motivate yourself about how much more you have to do than normal.
  • Prepare seperate notebook for each subject which will help in revision in last days of exam.


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Throughout 5th and 6th sem

  • Start with the most important topic that you have already studied in your previous years of B.tech. Try to complete one topic in 3 weeks.
  • Similarly begin with the next subject and so on.
  • Remember to revise everything that you study. Use the weekends solely for revision and practice.
  • Finish all the syllabus except the subjects of the final year within these two semesters.


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Revision and Practice time (7th semester)

  • Revise all the topics regularly again and again till the day of examination because the more you revise, the more you recall the topic. Though it may sound a cliche but this is the reality, GATE is not your semester exam that you will pass with one night’s study. You need revision and practice.
  • Complete the remaining subjects of final year.
  • Test your knowledge oftenly. Take tests that you come by and check your knowledge.Prepladder-Gate provides daily quiz. Try to solve quiz daily.
  • Clear all your Doubts, take your lecturer’s assistance in clarifying your doubts.

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8th Semester (time before the GATE)

  • As you know that the examination will be conducted in online mode, join test series, and take mock tests.
  • This is important because online mock tests provide you an exam like environment where you can analyse your weaknesses better and work on them.

Try free mock of just 30 minutes of your favorite subject and check where you need to improve

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  • Try not to take any new topic during this time because it will confuse you, only clarify the doubts related to the topics that you have studied.

How about this technique, is it not better than dumping an extra year preparing for the same GATE examination after B.Tech.

If you follow this plan whole heartedly, even 70% of it, we ensure that you will qualify GATE easily.


Best Wishes!!

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