Most of candidates appear in the GATE examination in their final year of B.Tech. Many candidates who are unable to clear GATE even drop a year to try their luck in the next year’s exam. With the increasing number of applicants in GATE every year, the exam is becoming tougher and tougher every year. Only a small ratio of the candidates clear the GATE exam. In this raising difficulty level of the examination, it has become very difficult for the candidates to plan a success ensuring strategy. For this, most of the candidates join coaching centres but what about the others who have no mentor to direct their preparations and especially the candidates who have to support their family by earning. Thus to help the candidates who work alongwith their studies to clear GATE, this article has been compiled.

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In this article we have shared the Success story Pramod Arora, who bagged 278th Rank in GATE 2015.

Gate - PrepLadder :  Tell us something bout you?

Pramod :

Hello, My name is Pramod Arora and I am resident of Bathinda (Punjab). I had completed B.Tech in Mechanical engineering in 2014. Cleared GATE in 2015 and Presently I am pursuing M.Tech in IIT Delhi.

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Gate - PrepLadder:  What inspired you for clearing GATE?

Pramod :

I love Mechanics very much and I always wanted to study Engineering in an IIT but I was not successful in clearing JEE. So I joined a Private Engineering college in Mechanical Engineering stream. But after I still had a chance to Study Masters from an IIT by clearing the GATE examination. I attempted GATE in my final year of in 2014, but I was unable to clear the examination. This came as a shock for me but I was not disheartened by this failure. I got placed and joined the company but I was always studying for GATE.

So, you can say my desire to study in an IIT was my inspiration.

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Gate - PrepLadder :  What was your preparation strategy?

Pramod :

As I have already told that I got a job through campus placement, so I had to manage both the preparation and the job together without letting any of them suffer. Approximately I gave 10 hours everyday for job including the time consumed in getting ready and travelling except on Sundays and official holidays.

I used to spare 2 hours in the morning for studies on the working days and 6 hours on holidays.

First thing that I did to start the preparations again after failure in GATE 2014 was to search and narrow down the content of the syllabus by excluding the unimportant topics from my study plan. I took the most important topic first followed by the lesser important topics and so on.

Apart from this time, I spared 10-15 minutes to revise everything before going to bed at night. It took me 20 days on average to complete the lengthy subjects like TOM, SOM, FM, etc., and around 10-15 days for a normal subject.

I covered the entire syllabus by the end of September. As I used to revise everyday, so my grip on the topics was strong but to make it even stronger, I revised everything again in 2 months. December was the time when I used to take tests both offline and online. I used to find free mock tests online. But after sometime I joined a test series which helped me a lot in refining my skills to answer the exam efficiently.

Finally on the day of the exam. I took the lord’s name and went for the exam and that is it.

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Gate -PrepLadder :  How did you manage between both Job and Studies?


I woke everyday at 5:30 in the morning and studied till 8 am after freshening up. Then I quickly used to get ready, take my breakfast and leave for the office. I worked from 9:30am – 6 pm. After coming back at home, I took a short nap and did other stuff. By 9 pm I used to be back into my room and revise the day’s work and then sleep by 9:30 or 10. And this is how I managed my stuff.

Gate - PrepLadder :   What advice would you like to give to our friends who are preparing for GATE?


Well, most importantly have a discipline and follow it whole heartedly. NO matter whether you are doing or not doing a job, taking or not taking coaching. Just Have a discipline and You surely can crack any exam.

Best Wishes!!

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