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Srinath shares his strategies in preparing which helped him to get +40 marks  for GATE 2015 exam.

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Gate- Prepladder : Hello , Tell us something about yourself ?

Srinath :

Hey I am Srinath Ramadevan from Kerala.I completed my B.tech in Computer Science in 2014 with an aggregate of 75%.I secured AIR 53 in GATE 2015.

When did you start preparing for GATE ? Is this was your first attempt ?

Srinath :

I started preparing for GATE in my final year of BTECH .I prepared for around 9 months to clear this exam.

No, this is not my first attempt. I also took the test in 2014 and got 35 marks but without preparation. So i decided to make some strategy and work for GATE 2015.


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How many hours  did you dedicate to this preparation in a day?

Srinath :

I studied for around 4-5 hours a day.I used to practice regularly

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Which subjects are important for GATE?

Srinath :

If you want to score high in GATE, I would advise you to study complete syllabus.All subjects are equally important. However, being a CS GATE aspirant you must have basic knowledge of  Data Structures, Operating System, C/C++,Algorithms,Digital Logic, Databases, Compiler,Networks and Discrete Structure. Some  questions are expected from compiler designs as well.

As I said all subjects are equally important but if you have short amount of time,I am listing subjects according to priority:

Class 1 (Highest Priority)

  • C
  • Data Structures
  • Algorithms
  • Digital Logic
  • Computer Networks.
  • TOC
  • Compiler


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Class 2

  • OS
  • DBMS
  • CO

Class 3

  • Information System and Software Engineering
  • Web Tech

General Aptitude is very important . As the level of general aptitude is not very high. If proper practised you can easily get 15 marks.

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How to prepare for GATE?

Srinath :

You must know where you stand before starting preparation.My strategy was :

1. Solve last 12 years GATE papers with time limit. After that, you’d know your position and how much you can score now.

2. Give 4-5 hours daily for GATE preparation.

3. Make handwritten notes for every subject which will help you to revise GATE syllabus at end days of preparation.

4. Always remember your aim and work hard.Prepare subjects according to their priority.Start with subjects which have more weightage and then move toward easy ones.Solve previous papers regularly.

5. After preparing the syllabus thoroughly, take online test series in last 3-4 months. Online test series will help you evaluate your performance and will also highlight your strengths and weaknesses.They will also help you increse your speed and accuracy.

6. Be determined and motivated.

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Did you take any coaching?

Srinath :

No, I preferred self- studies. My concepts of all the core engineering subjects were clear so I did’nt require coaching. I used to practice questions a lot .

Why did you take up GATE?

Srinath :

I wanted to do my masters in top prestigious institutes so I took this exam.I had a dream of getting admission to IITs.

Which books are good for GATE?

Srinath :

All standard books available in the market are good. You should study every topic in detail.

Any Success Mantra you would like to share?

Srinath :

Don’t learn the subjects,just love them.

I would advice all my friends to work hard, stay focused and determined, take online test series and give your best.

Your message to the Readers?

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