Strategy for GATE 2017

This article shares the success story of Mitali Anand who secured AIR 62 in GATE 2015. GATE- Prepladder had recently interviewed Mitali Anand to share her success story of GATE.

Let’s have few excerpts from the interview............


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 Prepladder : Introduce yourself, where you have done your engineering from and in which branch?

 Mitali Anand: My  name is Mitali Anand. I hail from Rajasthan. I have completed my in Computer Science Engineering from NIT Jalandhar with 8.1 CGPA.


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 Prepladder : Please elaborate on the reason you appeared for GATE? PSUs or further studies?

 Mitali Anand: I had a dream of serving PSUs..


Prepladder : When did you start your Preparation for GATE? How much time did you spend daily in GATE preparation?

Mitali Anand: I had dedicated 2 years towards GATE preparation. I had started my preparation in the beginning of the  3rd year. I devoted almost 5 hours on a regular basis towards GATE.


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Prepladder : Was this your first attempt in GATE? Share your preparation strategy?

Mitali Anand: No, it was my second attempt. I had appeared earlier in GATE 2014.GATE requires sound and selective preparation. Also, you need to practice questions regularly to be able to clear GATE. I prepared topics as per their importance from GATE perspective. I studied the previous exam pattern and prepared accordingly. I solved previous year papers and also took mock test series.


Prepladder : Is there any specific attempt order for GATE? Kindly share the order in which you attempted the GATE 2015 exam?

Mitali Anand: No, there is no specific order. Your question attempt order will highly depend on your preparation level and exam difficulty level. Since the General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics sections together contribute 30% to GATE exam, I had thoroughly prepared for these sections during the 2 years. Since the GATE exam comprises of 65 Questions to be attempted in 3 hours duration, I had prepared a rough attempt strategy in my mind before appearing for GATE exam.

My strategy was :

First of all, I attempted the General Aptitude questions since these are easy and do not require any complex calculations. My intense preparation of General Aptitude section helped me to complete it in less amount of time.

 Next, I started solving questions based on Engineering Mathematics.After completing the questions on these sections, I shifted to Technical questions.  

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Technical questions are generally numerical based and require careful analysis and interpretation in order to arrive at correct solutions. In my opinion, technical questions are most time-consuming and must be attempted after completing the other two sections.

In technical questions i attempted the subject i liked first. I did not followed the order. I left the questions i found difficult. After completing the paper i came back to questions i left.


We are hopeful that Mitali’s tips would surely help you excel in GATE 2017.

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