GATE success story

Prepladder has always been sharing success stories of GATE Toppers. Yet again, we share another one.Prepladder recently interviewed Advith Tyagi, who secured AIR (73) in GATE 2016.

Let’s have few excerpts from the interview.....

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Prepladder: Introduce yourself, where have you completed your Engineering from and in which branch?

Advith Tyagi:  My name is Advith Tyagi. I hail from Jharkhand. I have my parents and an elder brother in my family. I have completed my B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering from the Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi in the year 2015.


Prepladder: Which was the GATE paper that you appeared in and was it your first attempt in GATE?

Advith Tyagi : I appeared in GATE 2016. No, it was my second attempt as I had earlier appeared in GATE in 2015.


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Prepladder: What prompted you to appear for GATE? PSU or further studies?

Advith Tyagi : I had a dream of doing from a prestigious Institution. This prompted me to appear for GATE.


Prepladder: When did you start your preparation for GATE? Share your preparation strategy?

Advith Tyagi: I had started my preparation nearly six months before the GATE exam.

I started off with gathering all the pre-requisites required for preparation - GATE syllabus, Previous years’ paper and Good Quality Reference Material.I went through the syllabi thoroughly and also analysed the previous year papers.

Through careful analysis, I identified the areas which carried maximum & minimum weight age from GATE perspective.As per my analysis, I am listing the topics with their weight age perspective.




Weight age (in Marks)


Engineering Mathematics


Verbal/Numerical Ability


Data Structures and Algorithms


Computer Organization and Architecture


Operating System


Theory of Computation




Computer Networks


Digital Logic




Compiler Design


Software Engineering & Web Technologies



1)  Next, I prepared a weekly preparation schedule. I started off with topics which carried maximum weight age as listed above.I assigned a fixed number of chapters to each  week and managed to prepare the assigned chapters in time. I emphasised on attaining conceptual clarity since the questions asked in GATE are not direct and are based on the implementation of concepts.

2)  During my preparation, I learnt a  variety of tricks and shortcuts by referring to books, listening to expert lectures and other sources.After completing the topics as per the schedule, I went on to practice a sufficient number of objective questions on each topic.I also solved previous years’ papers side by side. This greatly helped me analyse the difficulty level of questions and the type of questions asked in GATE exam.

3) After completing all the important topics, I advanced to less important topics.It took me around 4 months to complete the entire syllabi thoroughly. During these 4 months duration, I used a variety of competition books for practicing MCQs.Throughout my preparation, I practised a variety of theoretical and numerical problems.One thing which spanned through my entire preparation was my habit of taking notes. I had maintained a separate notebook for recording all the important formulas, shortcuts, theorems and tricks.

4) I started revision 2 months’ prior to GATE exam. I spent this time in revising and recollecting  all the concepts, formulae and shortcuts and theorems. My habit of taking regular notes immensely helped me to boost up my revision. In the last 1 month, I took Online Mock test series. I attempted nearly 5 mock tests each day during the last 1 month.

5) On each attempt, I analysed my performance chart, identified the areas where I needed improvement and practised questions on those areas. With each attempt, I managed to reduce my mistakes and improve upon my speed and accuracy level.

6) By the end of the month, I had managed to attain a firm grip over all the topics. I give the credit of my success to mock test series since through the series, I got exposure to a large variety of questions. It also helped me gauge my preparation level at every stage and helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses across all the topics.

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We are sure that Advith’s strategy would surely help the GATE 2017 aspirants to excel in their preparation.

Best Wishes!!



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