Qualifying the GATE exam is not everyone’s cup of tea. Qualifying GATE requires sound preparation strategy, focus and determination.GATE exam is aimed to test the conceptual clarity of the candidates. A common mistake committed by the GATE aspirants is that they start their GATE preparation in the last 2 months prior to GATE.Prepladder has devised this article which will help the GATE aspirants get acquainted with the tips to prepare for GATE while pursuing Engineering.


Merely mugging up the concepts is not sufficient since direct questions are not asked in GATE.Since the GATE is  just an extension of the engineering syllabus, it is better to start GATE preparation early in engineering.


Tips to Prepare for GATE while doing Engineering


  • Take Notes while studying for Semester exams: Candidates must take notes of all the important formulas, theorems, tricks and shortcuts while preparing for semester exams. This will greatly boost up the revision for GATE. Engineering Maths is covered in first year and its weight age is also high . Prepare separate notebook for such subject which will help you later in GATE preparation.


  • Gather all Pre-requisites: This is the first and foremost step towards GATE preparation. You must assimilate all the pre-requisites, i.e. GATE syllabus, Previous Years’ question papers and Good quality reference material.With these you will be able to know what type of questions are asked in GATE. Knowing the level of questions asked , you will better prepare the basics either for engineering or gate.




  • Identify Important Topics: You must analyze the GATE syllabus and the previous years’ GATE papers and bifurcate the topics with their weight age perspective.
  • Study as per the Importance of topics and Exam pattern: This is essential since different topics carry different weight age in GATE.Start off with Topics carrying high weight age and advance to less important ones.
  • Select the Right Reference Material: You should refer to the standard course books for attaining conceptual clarity.Additionally, refer to high-quality competition books for solving objective questions.The standard books you refer for engineering can be used for GATE. But it has to be studied thoroughly.
  • Build Your Concepts right: This serves as the base for clearing GATE. You must develop a strong base in all the GATE topics.Focus should be on developing conceptual clarity in all major topics since GATE questions are not direct and are based on the application of concepts.

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  • Develop Practical Knowledge: You must develop practical knowledge of the topics otherwise the theories can never be clearly understood.Dont be bookworm . Try to apply concepts that will be help you to understand concept better.
  • Practice MCQs side by side with semester studies: You must practice plenty of numerical and conceptual problems of all topics from different competition books in your free time.Solving more and more questions will help you learn about the application of concepts.
  • Solve Previous year papers: You must solve previous years’ GATE papers. This will help you analyze the pattern of questions and the difficulty level of the questions.
  • Emphasize on Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude section: These sections are common across all the streams and contribute nearly 30% to GATE.

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You must thoroughly prepare these two topics since they can greatly help in improving your GATE score.

  • Take Online Mock Test Series: Practice more and more full-length and speed tests on a regular basis. They will help you gauge your current preparation level and help in identifying the strong and weak areas.



 We hope that the tips shared above will assist the aspirants to excel in their GATE preparation while pursuing Engineering.

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