tips to score good marks in GATE 2017

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is considered to be one of the toughest exams in the country with very low success rates.Qualifying GATE demands a sound and selective preparation strategy owing to its vast syllabi.

Our experts have devised this article to help the aspirants get acquainted with the preparation strategy which will help you score 70+/good marks in GATE 2017.

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Pre-Exam Strategy to score 70+ Marks in GATE 2017

The Pre-exam strategy for GATE 2017 preparation to score good marks is as follows:

  1. Get Acquainted with the Syllabus and Weight Age of Each Subject .You must go through the GATE syllabus carefully and also analyze each subject with their weight age perspective. This will help you identify the important topics from GATE perspective.

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  1. Review and Solve Previous Years’ Papers: You must go through & solve at least previous 10 years papers of GATE. This will help you identify the exam pattern and the difficulty level of the questions.This is something which will surely help you to score good marks in GATE.
  1. Select Good Books and Materials for GATE preparation :

You must refer to good quality competition books for GATE preparation. You can also take help from online video lectures, coaching notes, etc.

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  1. Clear Your Concepts: You must thoroughly clear your concepts from all the topics since questions in GATE are mostly conceptual.This is something you need to do to get good marks in GATE.
  1. Prepare a Schedule and Follow It Stringently :

You can prepare a weekly /monthly study schedule and strive to complete the topics as per the schedule. This will help you complete the GATE syllabus in time.

  1. Study as per the Importance of Topic :

You must prepare the topics as per their weight age perspective. Devote more time to High weight age topics. Keep low weight age topics for the later phase of preparation.High weight age topics  enables one to get score high.

  1. Practice and Take Mock Tests Regularly : You must practice as many MCQs as possible and take mock tests regularly. This will help you evaluate your current preparation level and also help in identifying the weaker areas. Check your performance in mock tests and strive to improve your mistakes.

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  1. Revise the GATE preparation : You must revise and recall all the important formulas, theorems, shortcuts and tricks  on a regular basis. This will help you memorize the topics for a longer period.

Exam Strategy for GATE 2017

The strategy for GATE 2017 during the examination to get 70+/good marks in GATE is :

  1. Attempt Questions as per their Difficulty level : You must attempt questions as per their level of difficulty. Start off with questions which you find easy and are assured of being correct and then advance to difficult ones.
  1. Attempt Group Questions : You must not omit group questions since they can highly boost your score. Try and attempt them in the early phase of the examination. You must not attempt these questions in a hurry since the wrong interpretation could award you negative marks.

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  1. Pay Emphasis to Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude Section :These two sections can really boost up your score since they account for 30% of the exam weight age. Study these two sections thoroughly during preparation and try to attempt these questions in the early phase of the examination.

They are easy and do not require technical know-how.

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  1. Do not get Stuck on any Question for Too Long : GATE exam carries 65 questions and time duration is 3 hours. However, technical questions consume most of the time while attempting the exam. You must not get stuck on any question for too long since it will waste valuable time and will lower your attempt.
  1. Do not attempt Questions through Blind Guesswork : Do not make blind guesses since it will award you negative marks and will lower your score.        Make intelligent guesses and take calculative risk only.
  1. Follow Reverse Engineering: You can follow the reverse engineering principle, i.e. you can review the options  to see which option fits the given question statement best.

This will help you to arrive at the correct solution quickly.


We are sure that the tips shared above will definitely help the aspirants to excel  in GATE 2017 Preparation!

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