GATE is considered as one of the toughest entrance exams in India.A common dilemma which the aspirants face is whether to join coaching classes to succeed in GATE.

Most of the aspirants end up joining coaching institutes which charge humongous fees.

This article will cast light on the strategy one should follow to prepare for GATE through self-study.


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Strategy to Prepare for GATE 2018 through Self-Study / without coaching

  1. Get Acquainted with the GATE syllabus

This is the first step towards the GATE preparation. You must go through the GATE syllabus thoroughly before commencing your GATE preparation.

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  1. Review Previous Years’ Papers and Get Acquainted with Topic-Wise Weight Age

You must go through the previous year papers of GATE. This will help you analyze the question pattern and the difficulty level of the questions.

Also, you must segregate the topics with their weight age from GATE perspective.

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  1. Collect Good Quality Reference Material

You must now gather good quality competition books. You must also collect previous years’ solved papers of GATE. You can also refer to online video tutorials.

  1. Plan and Schedule your GATE preparation

You must now prepare a study plan to commence your GATE preparation. You can make a weekly study plan. In this, you can assign a fixed number of topics to a week.

You must devote a minimum of 6-7 hours each day to GATE preparation.

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  1. Start Off with the Most Important Topics and Gradually Advance to Less Important Ones

You must plan your GATE preparation in such a way that the most important topics are covered in the earlier phase. Prepare the topics as per their weight age from GATE perspective.

Keep the less important topics for the later phase.


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  1. Efficient Time Management

You must develop the habit of managing time efficiently throughout your preparation. Distribute time among the topics as per their weight age perspective.

Devote ample amount of time to GATE preparation.

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  1. Clear Your Concepts

You must focus on attaining conceptual clarity since questions in GATE are purely conceptual and based on the practical application of concepts.

  1. Learn and Develop Shortcuts and Tricks

You must learn shortcuts and tricks for solving the questions quickly. You can refer to books and internet sources for learning shortcuts and tricks.

  1. Make Short Notes

You must take short notes of all the important formulas, theorems, tricks and shortcuts. This must be done at each stage of preparation.

This exercise will gradually boost up your revision.

  1. Practice

This is essentially the key to success in GATE. You  must practice MCQs after preparing each topic.

You must consistently solve a wide variety of problems from different competition books. Solving a large number of questions will help you learn the practical application of concepts.

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  1. Solve Previous Years’ Papers

You must attempt previous years’ papers this will help you identify the type of questions asked in GATE exam and the weight age of each topic.

  1. Attempt Mock Test Series

This is an exercise which must be done throughout the GATE preparation.

You must attempt online mock tests on each topic after studying the concepts. The habit of attempting mock tests consistently will gradually improve your speed and accuracy.

Attempt 4-5 Mock tests each day during the last 1 month. Analyze your performance after the mock test and worker on weaker areas.

Try to improve your accuracy with every attempt.

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  1. Revision

After completing the entire GATE syllabus, revise all the formulas, concepts, tricks and theorems frequently. This will help you retain the concepts for a longer period.


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