There are numerous number of books available in the market out of which some are good and some lack in certain ways. In such a case we have to study from the best source. In order to help you decide the best books that you should refer to prepare for GATE exam, we have brought the list of selected books for preparing all the subjects in depth to enhance your knowledge and strengthen your basics.



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The following table shares the information of best books for preparing for the GATE ECE exam

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 Books For GATE - ECE

The books should be refered for preparation of GATE 2017 are


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Author’s Name


Analog circuits

Adel S. Sedra, Kenneth C. Smith, Edition: 6



Charles K. Alexander , Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Edition: 5


Control System

Benjamin C. Kuo, Edition: 9


System and Signal

Alan V. Oppenheim , Alan S.Willsky , S.Hamid Nawab, Edition: 2



by B. P. Lathi


Electronic Devices And circuits

by Donald Neamen.


ElectroMagnetic Theory

ElectroMagnetic Theory


Digital electronics

M. Morris Mano or R P Jain



Ramesh Gaonkar


Engineering Maths

B. S. Grewal

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This list of books is prepared by toppers at GATE - Prepladder.

If you refer these books thoroughly it will surely  help you to reach your goals

Best Wishes!!

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