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Hello Everyone,

My name is Anirudh Gupta. I belong to Madhya Pradesh. I secured AIR 50 in GATE 2015.

Through this article, I will share the secret to my success in the GATE exam.

I would state that focused & dedicated preparation coupled with a sound strategy  are the essential pre-requisites for qualifying the GATE exam.One of the most important activities which immensely helped me throughout my GATE preparation was my habit of making notes.

In this article, I would share the approach which I followed in making notes.


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My Notes Making Strategy


Start Off With a Subject

First of all, I started off with a subject of my choice. I used standard Reference books for my preparation.


Short Summary with Precise Headings

I noted all important formulas, concepts, topics and shortcuts which I came across while studying.

I focused on summarizing all the important topics rather than copying a mass of information. Preparing a summary facilitates quick revision and serve as a quick reference.

I gave precise headings to each topic which would help in quickly locating the topic.


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Made a ‘Keyword’ column

I prepared a separate keyword column.I framed accurate keywords which gave a concise idea of each topic and helped to retain each topic for a longer period.

Organizing the Notes

 You must organize the notes in a way which is convenient to you. I preferred using separate notebooks for each subject. This avoids unnecessary confusion.Another alternative is to use file dividers to bifurcate them.



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 Structuring the Notes

 I avoided the usual method of taking notes with Headings, Sub-Headings and Bullets.

This method makes it difficult to find the important points. It reduces the overall aim of making notes and does not facilitate quick revision.

 I structured the notes in a way that the Keyword column appeared on the left and the important points appeared on the right side.

 Further, I made a column for summary at the bottom. I framed the summary in my own words since this really helps in retaining the information for a longer duration and facilitates quick revision.


 Abbreviations and Symbols

 I used numerous abbreviations and symbols since these reduce the overall time required for taking notes.

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Visual Aids

I used a variety of visual aids throughout my notes. I frequently used diagrams, tables, graphs and charts.

Visual aids greatly facilitate faster understanding and revision.


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Prepare Index at the Beginning

The Index serves as a quick aid to locate topics in the notes.

You must number the pages in the notebook and prepare an index where you must list the topic name and the page number on which it appears.

This will help to locate the topics quickly.


Use Different Color Pens

I used different color pens for concepts, keywords, summary and shortcuts. This makes the notes visually clear and concise.


Special Notes Page

I made a special notes page where I wrote all the exceptional formulas which I had encountered while solving previous years papers and also noted down new concepts which I had not come across earlier.

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 I wish Good Luck to all the Aspirants!


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