The Mechanical Candidates who are confused with the books to follow for GATE examination can go through this article to clear their confusion and go with the best books to prepare for GATE. This article is specially compiled for the Mechanical GATE aspirants after analysing most of the books available in the market for GATE. Our experts handed over the list of trustworthy books.



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Since syllabus for GATE cannot be compiled in just one book, here is the list of books that cover different important subjects of Mechanical Engineering syllabus.



Books For Preparation





DME(Design of Machine Elements)

By V.B. Bhandari (3rd Edition) or R.S. Khurmi



Engg. Mechanics

By Jindal UG or John T. Dewolf



SOM (Strength of Material)

By Timoshenko



TOM (Theory of Machines)


By R.S. Khurmi



FM (Fluid Mechanics)


By 2nd Edition By Cengal and Cimbala or R.K.Bansal



MV (Mechanical Vibrations)


By V.P. Singh



Manufacturing Technology


By 3rd Edition by P.N. Rao



Heat and Mass Transfer


By 4th Edition by Cengal





By Cengal and Boles or P.K. Nag



Engg. Maths


Advanced Engg Maths by Erwin Kreyszig or Gate Maths by Made Easy


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The Various books mentioned in the table alongwith different authors are all sufficient for GATE preparation. Purchase any one book for each subject, you can rely on them.


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