Steam Turbine is an important topic with high weightage in GATE examination. In this article we will discuss the important things that must be prepared in Steam Turbines to answer most of the turbine based questions in GATE exam.


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What to study in Steam Turbine For GATE

  • Introduction to steam turbine
  • Rankine cycle and modification including superheating, regenerative feed water heating, reheating, etc.
  • You should also prepare the classification of turbines based on blade profile, impulse and reaction turbines.
  • Velocity diagrams are very important, you will find one question in GATE based on this topic.
  • Numericals are very important. 1 Question will be surely asked on this section.

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Questions From Gate

Ques 1 :

What happens when reheater  is incorporated in a steam power plant?

P : Thermal efficiency of the plant always increases.

Q : The dry fraction of steam at condenser inlet always increases.

R : The mean temperature of heat addition always increases.

S : The specific work output always increases

(A) P and S

(B) Q and S

(C) P, R and S

(D) P,Q,R and S



B is the right answer because Reheater always increases the dryness fraction of steam at condenser inlet and always increases the specific work output.

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Ques 2 :

Assume the given turbine to be a part of Rankine cycle. The density of water at the inlet to the pump is 1000 Kg/m3.ignoring the K.E.and P.E. effects, the sp. work (in KJ/Kg) supplied to the pump is


(A) 0.293

(B) 0.351

(C) 2.930

(D) 3.510


Answer :



Pump work
hinlet + q = houtlet + Wpump

Here, q=0

Wpump = hinlet - houtlet

W = ∆hpump

Reversible adiabatic



dhpump =V(p2 – p1)

= 1/ρ(3000 – 70) kPa

= 2.930 kPa

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Alternative method :

V = m/ρ = 1/1000 kg

Pump work = (p1 – p2)V

= (3 x 103 – 70)/1000 KJ/Kg

= 2.930 KJ/Kg

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