important topics for gate 2017 me

Most Important Topics for GATE 2018 Mechanical Engineering.With the tremendously growing competition in the GATE exam, GATE aspirants should prefer smart work. The GATE syllabus is very vast and it is often impossible to attain firm grip over each topic.

Therefore, selective study is the only key to success in GATE.This article will cast light on the important topics in Mechanical Engineering which must be prepared for GATE 2018.

Prepladder experts have prepared this data through intense analysis of previous years GATE papers.

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Important Topics for GATE 2018 ME

As per our experts’ analysis, the important topics are highlighted below:

1. Manufacturing

Maximum Weight Age  Topics

Regularly covered topics

Easy level topics in GATE

Orthogonal cutting

Casting types and design of castings

Limits fits and tolerances

Riser and Gate design of casting

Metrology measuring

Tool life equation problems

Resistance welding

Non-traditional machining

Problems on welding

CNC programming



2. Thermal Sciences

Difficult level topics

Maximum Weight Age Topics

Regularly covered topics

Second law and First law problems

Laws of TD

Problems on Diesel, Otto, Dual cycle, Detonation and Knocking

Steam turbines


Turbo machinery





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3. Fluid Mechanics

Difficult level topics

Maximum Weight Age Topics

Easy Level topics 

Centrifugal pumps

Velocity potential

Buoyancy, Capillary 

Specific speeds of turbine and pumps

Flow through Pipes

Surface tension

Unit quantities of turbines and pumps

Boundary layer theory

Applications of Bernoulli equation


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4. Heat Transfer

Maximum Weight Age Topics

Regularly covered topics


Numbers in convection like Pr No, Gr No, Re No, etc.

Problems on conduction

Critical thickness

Unsteady conduction

(lumped heat analysis)

Shape factor in radiation

Problem in Heat exchangers such as LMTD, NTU


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5. Theory of Machines and Vibration

Difficult level topics

Easy level Topics

Regularly covered topics



Planetary gear train

Shafts problems

Pairs and its applications


 Gears LOC,POC

Governors and Fly wheel

Inversions of single and double slider crank

Free damped vibrations


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6. other subjects 


Difficult level topics

Maximum Weight Age Topics

Regularly covered topics


Industrial Engineering


Queuing theory


EOQ problems


Inventory control




Engineering Mechanics





Structural analysis

Work and Energy

Law of Restitution


 Engineering Materials



Effect of Alloying elements

Defects in crystal structure

Heat treatment



Strength of materials





Stress and strain



Bending stress



Machine Design






Design of gears and bearings



 Engineering Mathematics





Probability & Statistics



Linear Algebra

Differential equations


Numerical methods

Complex Variables

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