GATE 2017 exam is merely two weeks away. This is indeed a crucial time at which you need to put in your 100%.

With a view to aid you in your revision, we have brought forward Final 15 Days Revision Plan for the approaching exam.



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Final 15 Days Revision Plan for GATE 2017


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Each day in the final 15 days must be spent in revising all important Shortcuts, Tricks and concepts of each subject.

In our revision plan, time has been assigned to each subject according to its weightage perspective from the GATE exam.


Final 15 Days Revision Plan for GATE


Revision Schedule

Engineering Mathematics

January 17th –  January 18th 2017

General Aptitude

January 19th 2017

Manufacturing Engineering

January 20th –  January 21st 2017

Industrial Engineering

January 22nd –  January 23rd 2017


January 24th 2017

Fluid Mechanics

January 25th – January 26th 2017

Theory of Machines and Vibrations

January 27th – January 28th2017

Strength of Materials

January 28th 2017

Engineering Mechanics

January 29th 2017

Machine Design

January 29th 2017

Heat Transfer

January 30th 2017

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

January 30th 2017

Mock Test Practice

January 31st – February 1st 2017

Previous Year Papers

February 2nd – February 3rd 2017


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Final 15 Days Revision Plan for GATE 2017


Final 15 Days Revision plan for the upcoming GATE exam is as follows:


Stage 1: Engineering Mathematics (2 Days)

Commence your revision with Engineering Mathematics section since attaining grip over Mathematics would help you prepare the technical subjects with ease.

Revise all the important topics, shortcuts and tricks.


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Stage 2: General Aptitude (1 Day)

This section is highly scoring and will really help you boost up your score. Revise the basic concepts of grammar, basic mathematics, etc. Practice General Aptitude questions from previous year papers of GATE


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Stage 3: Manufacturing Engineering (2 Days)

This subject accounts for 11-14 marks weight age in GATE.

Revise the important topics such as  Orthogonal cutting, Tool life equation, Casting types and design of castings, Riser and Gate design of casting, Resistance welding and Problems on welding

Practice the numerical problems thoroughly.


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Stage 4: Industrial Engineering (2 Days)

This subject accounts for nearly 9-10 marks weight age in GATE exam.

 Revise the important topics such as CPM, PERT, Work Study and Measurement, Scheduling and Johnson's Rule Time Study, Queuing theory, EOQ problems, Inventory control and Poisson’s Arrivals & Departures.


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Stage 5: Thermodynamics (1 Day)

It accounts for nearly 12-15 marks weight age in the GATE exam.

Thoroughly revise the topics such as Laws of Thermodynamics, Problems on Diesel, Otto, Dual cycle, Detonation and Knocking, turbo machinery, Turbines, Entropy and Properties Of Pure Substances.


Stage 6: Fluid Mechanics (2 Days)

This subject is highly concept based. It accounts for 12-13 marks weight age in GATE.

Thoroughly revise the topics such as Simple & Differential Piezometer, Reynold’s No. calculation, Hydraulic Power, Nozzle Velocity of Turbines, Bernoulli’s Law, Pump Parameters, Velocity potential, Flow through Pipes and Boundary layer theory.


Stage 7: Theory of Machines and Vibrations (2 Days)

This subject carries nearly 10-12 marks weight age in GATE.

Most Important topics which must be included in revision are pairs and its applications, Linkages, Inversions of single and double slider crank, Free damped vibrations, Gear train, Flywheel, Linear Vibration Analysis of Mechanical systems, D.O.F. of Mechanisms and Finding Natural Frequencies (Under-damped, Critically Damped, Over-damped).


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Stage 8: Strength of Materials (1 Day)

This section carries nearly 7-9 marks weight age in GATE and is highly scoring.

You must thoroughly prepare topics like Stress and strain, Deflections, SF & BM, Bending stress, Concepts, General Theories of Failure and Mohr's Circle.


Stage 9: Engineering Mechanics ( Day)

This subject accounts for 6-7 marks in GATE.

You must emphasize on topics like Structural analysis, Work and Energy, Law of Restitution, Resolving Forces, Equilibrium, Equilibrium and Truss.


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Stage 10: Machine Design ( Day)

This subject is easy and carries 5-6 marks weight age in GATE.

Study the important topics such as Joints, Design of gears and bearings, Failure Theories, Fatigue Strength and the S-N Diagram.


Stage 11: Heat Transfer ( Day)

This subject is very easy and carries 4-5 marks weight age in GATE.

Questions are generally framed from topics like Conduction, Critical thickness, Shape factor in radiation, Problem in Heat exchangers like NTU and numbers in convection like Pr No, Gr No, Re No, etc.

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Stage 12: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning ( Day)

This subject carries considerably low weight age in GATE.

Prepare the concepts of Refrigeration and Heat Pump, Vapor Compression Refrigeration System and Air Conditioning.


Stage 13: Mock Test Practice (2 Days)

Attempt Mock tests and try to strengthen your weak areas.


Stage 14: Previous Year Papers (2 Days)

Dedicate 2 days to practicing and solving previous year papers of GATE. This will familiarize you with new questions and also help you gauge your preparation level.

It is imperative to solve previous year papers since questions get repeated from the previous year papers. This thereby provides you an added advantage.


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Effectively implementing this Revision plan will definitely help you to extract the maximum output from the final 15 days.

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Good Luckǃ


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