GATE 2017 is just four months away. We have been consistently receiving E-mails from our readers enquiring about the strategy to prepare for GATE 2017 Mechanical.

Keeping our readers concern in mind, we have brought forward Prepladder’s Mentor, Mr. Sushant Singh’s views on the preparation Strategy for GATE 2017 Mechanical.

In an exclusive conversation, Prepladder Mentor Mr. Sushant Singh shares his Tips and Strategies for GATE 2017 Preparation.




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Prepladder: Hello Sir. Introduce yourself to our Readers.

Mr. Sushant: Hello! My name is Mr. Sushant Singh.  I am a Mechanical Engineer by qualification.

I have been guiding and mentoring students for GATE preparation since the last 10 years. I am also serving as one of the personal mentor of GATE GUARANTEE PACK  By Prepladder. You can check details about mentor Program here.


Prepladder:  Sir, what is the Ideal Time for commencing GATE ME preparation? How many hours must be put in each day for GATE ME


Mr. Sushant:

As per my experiences, the ideal time for commencing GATE preparation is the final year of Tech. Students usually waste their time at this stage and later regret doing that. In my opinion, students must attain a grip over the basic concepts of each subject as this is the only savior in GATE.

Aspirants must focus on attaining Conceptual Clarity.

Further, devoting 6-7 hours per day is a decent time one should put in for GATE preparation.


Prepladder: Sir, is Coaching a Necessity for qualifying GATE ME?

Mr. Sushant:

In my opinion, Coaching only helps to a certain extent. Nonetheless, Self-Study is the only thing which matters at the end of the day.

Your success in GATE is solely dependent on the amount of effort and hard work you put in and the amount of dedication you show to GATE preparation.

Coaching, in my opinion, is not mandatory. Regular and Dedicated preparation is a must in my opinion.


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Prepladder: Sir, elaborate on the Success Mantra for qualifying GATE?

Mr. Sushant: In my opinion, the following are absolutely essential for qualifying GATE:

  • Correct Strategy
  • Proper Planning
  • Proper Guidance
  • Consistent & Regular Practice
  • Correct Choice of Study Material


Prepladder: Sir, elaborate on the challenges faced by the students in GATE preparation and the approach to conquer them?

Mr. Sushant:

The quality of Engineers is deteriorating with every passing year. In general, students are weak and less competent in their core subjects and need to work on their Basics and Conceptual Clearance.

Another major challenge before the aspirants is to perform under pressure to which majority of the students succumb.


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Prepladder: Sir, what is the Trick for solving Numerical Questions at a faster pace?

Mr. Sushant:

The trick is to solve simpler expressions manually instead of relying on virtual calculators for such easy calculations. 

A grave error that candidates commit is that they rely on virtual calculator for each and every calculation step and copy data incorrectly onto the sheet, thereby arriving at incorrect solutions.

The trick is to reduce the usage of calculator to the minimum and derive the final expression on the sheet in order to reduce the scope of error.


Prepladder: Sir, kindly share preparation strategy for GATE ME? Also, elaborate on how to devise study schedule?

Mr. Sushant:

In my opinion, preparing a Study schedule does not work since students tend to follow it for a day or two and then eventually neglect it.

Instead, you must analyze what all you studied at the end of the day and figure out the areas where you wasted time. This exercise if performed regularly will help you to figure out the areas where you need to put in efforts and what must be avoided in order to save time.


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Prepladder: Sir, elaborate on the Order in which the GATE exam should be attempted?

Mr. Sushant:

In my opinion, this varies from person to person. In my view, you must start off with the section which you find easiest and are confident of. Attempting the easier questions at the beginning would provide you the much-needed impetus and boost your confidence.

In my view, the ideal order of attempt is to commence from the Aptitude section, then advance to Technical Objective followed by English and finally approach the Subjective questions. At last, approach the remaining questions.

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Prepladder: Sir, elaborate on the Important and Must Read Topics for GATE 2017 ME?


Mr. Sushant:

Here, I present the list of the Most Important and Must Read Topics for GATE ME


Important & Must Read Topics



QRR,  Velocity Diagram, Magnification Ratio, Transmissibility



Exponential Smoothing, Critical Path




Basic Bending Moment and Torsion Equations


Fluid Mechanics

Boundary layer thickness,

Velocity of flow over pipe and plate



Types of Casting and Defects,

Rolling Maximum Reduction in One Pass, Merchant Circle Diagram


Thermodynamics & IC Engine

Otto and Diesel Cycle,

P-V And T-S Diagram



Effectiveness of HeX, Finding Intermediate Temperature on Wall


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Prepladder: Sir, elaborate on the importance of Attempting Online Mock Tests? Does solving previous year papers provide an


Mr. Sushant:

In my opinion, Mock Tests are a must for qualifying GATE in today’s era. Attempting Online Mock Tests provides you a feel of the real exam environment and helps in relieving your anxiety. Further, it helps you to figure out your strong and weak areas and helps in enhancing your overall performance in the exam.

Further, attempting mock tests also helps you to learn Effective Time Management and strengthen your weaker areas.


Prepladder: Sir, share some effective books for GATE ME preparation?

Mr. Sushant:

Here, I am listing the Effective books for GATE ME preparation:


Recommended Books


Strength of Materials

Gere and Timoshenko


B C Unamia


Theory of Machines

S.S. Rattan


Machine Design

Shigley and V B Bhandari

Khurmi, Bhandari



J P Hollman and R C Sachdeva

Cengel and Holman



P K Nag and Rajput

Shontaag, Wiley Publication


Manufacturing Science

Amitabh Ghosh

P.N Rao


Industrial Engineering

O P Khanna, Buffa and Sarin


Fluid Mechanics

R K Bansal


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Prepladder: Sir, what is your message for GATE ME 2017 Aspirants?

Mr. Sushant:

Consistency, Hard work and Perseverance are the keys to success in GATE. Remain confident and trust your abilities. Never give up.


We are sure that the valuable tips & experiences shared by Mr. Sushant will surely guide you in your GATE 2017 preparation.


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