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Question :What is the difference between Air conditioner and Refrigerator?

Answer :

Refrigerator works on the principle of Refrigeration which is a process of transfer of thermal energy from lower temperature place to higher temperature area using external energy. Refrigeration aims only in regulating the temp. Of volume of Air.

On the other hand Air conditioner works on Air conditioning principle which is a type of refrigeration used to cool and regulate large volumes inhabited by people. Air conditioning aims at regulating the temperature of a vol of air and also maintaining the humidity and purity level.


Question : What the difference between a pipe and a tube?

Answer :

The difference between pipes and tubes is that pipes is measured by inside dia while tube is measured by outside dia


Question : Why we put 1st gear for move a rest car instead of 4th gear?

Answer :

First gear is power gear which means it transmits higher torque to overcome the inertia of the vehicle. While 4th gear has low torque which cannot move the dead weight of vehicle and the rider(s) which leads to stalling of the vehicle and wearing out of the clutch.


Question : What happen if we pour diesel in petrol engine and vice versa? Explain?

Answer :

Diesel is a lot harder than petrol to ignite. Diesel requires very high compression than petrol engine to superheat and trigger ignition. Thus engine will run badly in this case.If Petrol is introduced in diesel engine then it burns quickly making the engine run badly and potentially cause damage.


Question : List the factors for deciding the gear material?

 Answer :

The gear material is decided by considering the following factors.

  • To prevent failure against static loads Material should possess high tensile strength
  • Material should have high endurance strength to withstand dynamic loads
  • Low coefficient of friction should also be possessed
  • Material should be easily available and have good manufacturability.


Question : Which one has higher efficiency; gas turbines or I.C. engines? Why?

Answer :

IC Engines have more efficiency because 70% of the output is consumed by compressor in gas turbines. And I.C. engines have lower auxiliary consumption than Gas Turbines. Also the combustion temperature is much higher in the case of IC Engines.


Question : Differentiate between scavenging and supercharging ?

Answer :

The process of flushing out burnt gases from the engine cylinder with the introduction of fresh air in cylinder before the completion of exhaust stroke is called scavenging. While the process of supplying higher mass of air into the engine cylinder by compressing the atmospheric air is called Supercharging.


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