Almost all competitive examinations are of objective pattern nowadays and follow the trend of negative marking.

Negative marking helps to filter out the undeserving candidates or the candidates who use Guess work to answer the questions.

The level of the GATE exam has risen substantially over the years and most of the candidates lose valuable marks through Negative Marking.

This article will share tips as to how to reduce negative marks in GATE 2017.



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Tips to Reduce Negative Marks in GATE 2017

  1. Leave an unsure question unanswered in the Beginning

 You must first attempt the questions which you will easy and are confident about and then advance to the ones you are unsure of.

 Leaving the unsure questions unanswered in the beginning is the only way to reduce negative marking in the GATE exam.

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      2. Do Guesswork Mindfully

 In case you do not know the answers to too many questions, the only option is to mark the questions through Intelligent guesses.You must attempt questions through guesswork only if you are confused between two options.Avoid blind guesswork since it will only reduce your overall performance in the exam.You must take calculated risk only when absolutely necessary.


       3. Read Questions Carefully

You must read the question carefully prior to attempting. Do not attempt any question in a hurry. Read the question and the options carefully before attempting any question.

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      4. Follow Reverse Engineering

Use the reverse engineering principle in case you do not know the answers to a large number of questions.Review the options to see which option best satisfies all the conditions given in the question. This technique will greatly help in arriving at the correct solutions quickly.


      5.Be careful about Units

While solving the numerical questions, candidates must pay attention to units. Candidates must perform unit conversion wherever required and must also ensure that they copy the units correctly on their answer sheet.

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      6. Sufficient Practice

You must ensure that you practice objective questions as much as you can since this is the most effective way of reducing negative marking in the exam. Practice questions from a variety of competition books to get exposed to different types of questions.


     7. Take Online Mock Tests

You must attempt a sufficient number of online tests prior to the exam. This will immensely help you to analyze the difficulty level of the exam and help in identifying the areas where you commit mistakes.This will help you to rectify your mistakes and work on your speed and accuracy which will reduce negative marks in the exam.

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   8. Keep Calm and Do not take stress

You must ensure that you do not take stress in the exam. Remain calm and concentrated while attempting the exam and do not succumb to the pressure of the exam.


   9. Take Short Notes

You must take short notes of all the important formulas, concepts and shortcuts through the preparation. This will greatly facilitate last minute revision and help in information retention.

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Follow the aforesaid tips to reduce Negative Marks in the GATE 2017 exam!

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