GATE 2017 exam is just round the corner. With the exam just two weeks away, it’s the time to put in strenuous efforts and give in your 100% to GATE preparation.

With a view to aid your revision, Experts at PrepLadder have brought forward Final 15 Days Revision Plan for the upcoming GATE exam.



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Final 15 Days Revision Plan for GATE 2017


15 Days revision plan has been devised keeping in consideration the weightage of the subjects from the GATE perspective.

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Final 15 Days Revision Plan for GATE



Revision Schedule

Engineering Mathematics

January 17th – January 18th 2017

General Aptitude

January 19th 2017

Programming and Data Structures

January 20th – January 21st 2017

Computer Networks

January 22nd – January 23rd 2017


January 24th –  January 25th 2017

Theory of Computation

January 26th – January 27th 2017

Operating System

January 28th – January 29th 2017


January 29th – January 30th 2017

Compiler Design

January 31st 2017

Digital Logic

January 31st 2017

Computer Organization and Architecture

February 1st 2017

Mock Test Practice

February 1st – February 2nd 2017

Previous Year Papers

February 3rd – February 4th 2017


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Final 15 Days Revision Schedule for GATE 2017


Stage 1: Engineering Mathematics (2 Days)

Commence your revision with Engineering Mathematics section since it carries nearly 10-15% weight age. Revise all important formulas, concepts, shortcuts and tricks.


Stage 2: General Aptitude (1 Day)

Revise the basics of English grammar, basic mathematics formulas and logical reasoning basics. Practice and solve General Aptitude questions from previous year papers of GATE.


Stage 3: Programming and Data Structures (2 Days)

This section carries nearly 9% weight age in GATE.

Thoroughly revise all the important concepts and go through the important formulas and topics.


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Stage 4: Computer Networks (2 Days)

Thoroughly revise the concepts of IP Addressing, Encryption, Routing algorithms and Congestion Control thoroughly since this section carries a very high weightage in GATE. Solve variety of problems on various concepts.


Stage 5: Algorithms (2 Days)

This section carries nearly 14% weight age in the GATE exam. 

Revise the concepts thoroughly particularly the time and space complexities as well as other important concepts.

Questions from this section are mostly conceptual therefore focus on getting thorough with the concepts.     

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Stage 6: Theory of Computation (2 Days)

This topic carries nearly 9% weight age in GATE exam.

Revise important topics such as Finite Automata, Regular Expressions, Pumping lemma, Context-free languages and grammars.


Stage 7: Operating System (1 Days)

Revise all the important topics and practice numerical problems from different books. Get thorough with the concepts since questions from this subject are mostly conceptual.


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Stage 8: Databases (1 Days)

You must revise different concepts of databases and practice questions. Focus should be on attaining conceptual clarity.

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Stage 9: Compiler Design ( Days)

Get thorough with the topics such as the Phases of Compiler, Lexical Analysis, Parsing, LL(1) Parser, LR parser and SDTs.

Solve numerical problems & focus on attaining conceptual clarity.


Stage 10: Digital Logic ( Day)

Revise the important concepts such as sequential and combinational circuit, Simplification, Registers, Counters and Floating Point Representation.


Stage 11: Computer Organization and Architecture ( Day)

Revise the important topics such as Addressing Modes, Pipelining, Cache organization, Architecture, etc.


Stage 12: Mock Test Practice (2 Days)

Attempt Mock Tests and strive to strengthen your weak areas. Go through the difficult questions.


Stage 13: Previous Year Papers (2 Days)

Dedicate the last two days to solving the previous year papers. Dedicate more time to the difficult questions from the previous year papers.

Go through the previous year papers with solutions.

Try to grab as much as possible from the previous year papers since questions are regularly repeated from the previous years.


Efficiently implementing our holistic Revision plan will help you to extract the maximum output from the final 15 days.                       


Effectively following the aforesaid schedule will definitely help you to extract the maximum output from the final 40 days and help you to achieve a good rank in GATE 2017.


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