General Aptitude is undoubtedly one of the most scoring sections of GATE. It can greatly help you to boost your overall score since it contributes nearly 15-20 marks in GATE.

With a view to familiarize you with the Tips which can help you improve your score in General Aptitude, PrepLadder experts have brought forward this post which will share effective techniques to boost your score in General Aptitude of the upcoming GATE exam.


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Tips to Improve your score in General Aptitude in GATE 2018

Here are some Effective tips to enhance your score in General Aptitude:

  1. Concentrate on the Most Important Topics

To be able to enhance your score in General Aptitude, the first step is to identify the most important topics.

Click Here to know the Most Important Topics of General Aptitude

The General Aptitude syllabus comprises Verbal Ability & Numerical Ability.The best technique to identify the important topics is to scan the previous year papers and analyze the high weight age topics.

Make a list of all the topics with their corresponding weight age in GATE as evident over the previous years.

The next step should be to attain a good grip over the most important topics. Practice is the golden key to attain a grip over the important topics.

Practice as many questions as possible of each Identified Important topic.


2. Get Thorough with the Basics

The syllabus of General Aptitude involves all the basic concepts which are learnt in Class 7th, 8th , 9th and 10th.

Therefore, the best way to attain a grip over your basics is to re-visit your school books.The basic formulas and rules of both English Grammar as well as numerical ability can be best learnt from the school books.

Therefore, your first goal should be to attain thorough grip over the basics before proceeding to practice.


3. Follow the Best Books for Preparation

Although there is no hard rule to follow any specific book, however, there are certain books which cannot be given a miss in case you really wish to qualify GATE and score a good rank.


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Here are some recommended books for General Aptitude:

Recommended Books


Name of Book

Author Name


A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning


Dr. R.S. Aggarwal

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations

Dr. R.S. Aggarwal

High School English Grammar

Wren & Martin


How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude

Arun Sharma






Preparing General Aptitude from the above-listed books which surely help you to attain a grip over the topics.


4. Get a Grip over Shortcuts & Tricks

In a time-restricted exam, one cannot afford to solve questions through the basic method.

It is vital to learn effective shortcuts & tricks which can help you to attempt questions at a fairly good pace.

Click Here for the list of Verbal Ability: Shortcuts & Tricks


Make it a point to learn and recall shortcuts & Tricks again & again to be able to memorize them effectively & remember them up to the exam period.

Click Here for General Aptitude: Effective Shortcuts & Tricks


5. Solve General Aptitude Section from Previous Year Papers


Solving previous year papers plays a vital role since it will acquaint you with the type of questions anticipated in the exam.

Further, questions are regularly repeated in GATE exam. Therefore, solving previous year papers provides an added advantage and helps to stay ahead in the competition.

Further, you can gauge your preparation level by solving previous year papers. Solving previous year papers helps to identify the areas in which you are weak and in which improvement is required.


6. Attempt Mock Tests & Focus on Improving Accuracy, Speed & Performance aspects

Mock Tests are a great way to enhance your performance and score. Attempt sectional tests on General Aptitude and strive to enhance your performance with each subsequent attempt. Review the Detailed Analysis at the end of Mock Test attempt and analyze the areas in which improvement is needed.

 Further, your focus should be to attain considerably good speed and accuracy which will also help in enhancing score.


7. Attempt Group Questions on Priority

Group questions have the potential to boost your score by 5-6 marks in a single attempt.Therefore, make sure to attempt group questions on priority while attempting the GATE exam.

General Aptitude section comprises group questions on topics such as Data Interpretation, Reading Comprehension, etc.

Therefore, in order to enhance your score in General Aptitude section, your strategy should be to attempt group questions on priority.



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8. Attempt General Aptitude section on Priority

Most of the candidates commit the blunder of attempting General Aptitude section at the end or leaving it for later.

As a consequence, they end up losing easy marks.The correct strategy should be attempt the General Aptitude section with a fresh mind which will ensure that calculations are made at a faster pace.

Therefore, in order to extract maximum marks from the General Aptitude section, try to attempt it at the beginning.


Efficiently implementing the aforesaid tips will surely help you to improve your score in General Aptitude section.



Best Wishes !!

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