GATE exam is accompanied by extremely high competition and very low success rates. With lakhs of candidates taking the GATE exam, it is extremely challenging to secure a good rank that can get you into a prestigious Institute. As everyone is aware, PSUs also recruit on the basis of GATE score card.

Considering the Difficulty level of the exam and Intense competition, preparing the entire Syllabus is not the correct approach.A ‘Selective Approach’ therefore serves the best when it comes to attaining a fairly good rank in GATE.

Thus, the correct approach is to prepare the ‘Most Important Topics’. This blog will familiarize you with the Most Important Topics for GATE Civil Engineering.


Most Important Topics for GATE Civil Engineering

We will now list the Most Important Topics for GATE Civil Engineering:


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Most Important Topics


Most Important Topics






Geo-Technical  Engineering

Basic Properties of Soils

Classification of Soils




Shear Strength of Soil

Stability Analysis of Slopes

Bearing  Capacity

Foundation Engineering

Concrete Technology









Environmental  Engineering

Quality Standards

Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Water and Waste Water Disposal

Air Pollution


Noise Pollution

Municipal Solid Waste

Quality and Characteristics of Sewage

Treatment of Sewage

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Transportation  Engineering

Highway Engineering

Transportation Infrastructure

Geometric design of Railway track

Highway Pavements

Traffic Engineering







Fluid  Mechanics &  Hydraulics

Fluid statics



Laminar-Turbulent Flow

Flow Through Pipes

Open Channel Flow Hydraulics

BL Theory

Dimension Analysis

Hydraulic pumps





Concrete  Structures

Working Stress

Limit State and Ultimate Load Design Concepts

Design  of Beams

Bond and Development Length

Pre-Stressed Concrete




Hydrology &  Irrigation

Hydrologic Cycle

Ground Water Hydrology

· Steady State Well  Hydraulics

· Canal Regulatory Works

· Cross-Drainage Structures

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System of Forces

Free-Body Diagrams

Euler’s Equations of Motion




Structural  Mechanics

Statically Determinate and Indeterminate Structures by Force/ Energy  Methods

Method of Superposition

Analysis of Trusses

Structural Analysis with all its Methods





Steel  Structures

Working Stress and Limit State Design Concepts

Design of Tension and Compression Members

Connections – Simple and Eccentric

Plastic  Analysis of Beams and Frames






Basics of Geographical Information System (GIS)

Geographical  Positioning System (GPS)

Linear Measurements

Compass Survey


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Engineering Mathematics

Linear Algebra


Complex Analysis

Differential Equations

Probability and Statistics



General Aptitude

Sentence Completion and Word Analogies

Numerical Computation and Data Interpretation

We are sure that this blog will familiarize you with the Most Important Topics of GATE Civil Engineering and will help you prepare effectively for GATE exam.

More Updates will follow.

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