My name is Gitanjali Kapoor. I hail from Maharashtra. In this article, I am going to share how I managed to secure an AIR among the Top 100 in GATE 2016.

And the Story Begins............

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My GATE journey started way back in 2013 when I was in my B.Tech (Electronics & Communication) EC 3rd Year. I had a dream of doing M.Tech in the premier IITs.  

I appeared in GATE for the first time in 2014. I had appeared without preparation and therefore could not even qualify the Cutoff.

My sole aim of appearing in GATE 2014 was to get acquainted with the exam pattern and to gain experience of sitting in the exam.


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GATE 2015 Journey

My goal was to get through the GATE 2015 with a High rank since I wanted to secure admission in the Top-Notch IITs. I started my preparation in the last year of B.Tech.

Although it was difficult to cope up with studies and GATE preparation at the same time, I somehow managed to strike a balance.

My GATE 2015 preparation was structured as follows:

  1. The first thing I did was reviewing the GATE EC syllabus. This helped me to identify the precise topics which I needed to prepare for GATE.
  2. Next, I gathered the study material in one place. I followed the standard textbooks for GATE preparation.
  3. Next, I started my GATE preparation. I started off with the subject which I was fond of and gradually prepared subjects as per my preferences.
  4. In addition to preparing the topics, I practiced Numerical problems side by side. This helped me learn the application of concepts.

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I had to halt my GATE preparation in between since the semester exams had commenced. My GATE preparation came to a standstill and I could only manage to resume my preparation.

Next, came the Industrial Training semester. My GATE preparation suffered badly due to industrial training.

Finally, GATE 2015 came. I was not very confident of my preparation and the fear of failure began to haunt me.I appeared in GATE 2015 with a tormented spirit. My GATE 2015 went moderate and I was not expecting great results.Finally, GATE 2015 results were out.

I had managed to get through this time but with a rank lower than my expectations.I wanted to secure admission in IITs but that rank could not have taken me to my dream institution.

I decided to appear in GATE 2016 with greater hard work and determination.

GATE 2016 Journey

I started my preparation nine months prior to the GATE 2016 exam.This time, I had to learn from my past mistakes and anyhow succeed in scoring a high rank.

I figured out the loopholes in my GATE 2015 preparation and learnt from my past mistakes.


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My GATE 2016 Preparation was Structured as Follows:

       I.  ‘SMART WORK’

 Firstly, I reviewed the previous year papers of GATE EC. I created a list of the most important topics from GATE perspective.Next, I commenced my preparation with the important topics and left the less important topics for the later stage.


   II. Followed Good Quality Reference Material

This time, in addition to following standard textbooks, I also took help from online study material and video lectures. Also, I bought some high-quality MCQs books for practicing MCQs.


III. Framed Study Schedule & Followed it Religiously

I framed weekly study schedule each week. I assigned a fixed number of topics to each week and always strived to follow the schedule. This greatly helped me in completing the syllabus well in time.


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IV. Cleared Concepts Thoroughly

I focused on getting my concepts right since I had realized that questions in GATE are based on the application of concepts.I thoroughly prepared the concepts of all the important topics.


 V. Learnt Shortcuts/Tricks

I learnt a large number of shortcuts and tricks through my preparation. The shortcuts greatly aided in attempting questions speedily in the GATE 2016 exam.


VI. Practiced MCQs and Numerical Problems

After completing each topic, I made it a point to solve a large number of MCQs on each topic. This helped me to learn the application of concepts and also exposed me to a wide variety of questions.


VII. Took Notes

One good activity which went through my entire GATE 2016 preparation was my habit of taking notes.I took notes of the important concepts, formulas, shortcuts and tricks. This greatly helped in quick revision and helped me to retain the voluminous information till the exam.


VIII. Solved Previous Year Papers

After completing the syllabus, I solved 6-7 previous year GATE papers. This greatly helped me evaluate my current level of preparation.


IX. Took Online Mock Test Series

I took online Mock tests series during the last 2 months. I attempted a large number of sectional and full-length tests.Attempting sectional tests helped me to gain a grip over each topic. I also worked on my accuracy while attempting mock tests.

I tracked my performance after each attempt and took note of my mistakes. Gradually, I tried to improve my performance with each attempt and also tried to reduce my weaknesses.I attempted 3-4 full-length mock tests each day during the last one month. This gradually helped me to boost my overall performance.


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 X.  Sufficient Revision

I also made it a point to revise all the important formulas, shortcuts and concepts thoroughly. Revision boosted up my confidence and helped me retain a great deal of information.


The above-listed activities helped me secure an AIR among the Top 100 in GATE 2017.


Best Wishes !!


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