With the tremendous growing competition in GATE exam, it is very important for the aspirants to use the combination of hardwork and smart work during their preparations. The GATE syllabus is very vast and it is not possible to have a firm grip over each and every topic. Therefore, selective study is the only key to success.

Someone has rightly said,

“Effort is important but knowing where to make an effort makes all the difference”

Through this blog, we will cast light on important topics in Electrical Engineering which must be covered for GATE 2018. This data has been prepared by the Experts of PrepLadder by thoroughly analyzing the previous year’s papers of GATE exam.


Important Topics for GATE Electrical Engineering 2018

Here's a list of Unit-Wise Most Important Topics for GATE 2018:


Electrical Circuits

Regularly Covered Topics

Difficult Topics

KCL,KVL and Node and Mesh analysis

Transient and Steady analysis of second order RLC Circuits

Network Theorems

Phasor diagrams

Transient Analysis of First order circuits

Magnetic Coupled circuits


Two-port networks

Two-port networks

Laplace Transform

Power and power factor in AC Circuits


Electric Machines

Regularly covered topics

Difficult topics

Other Important Topics

Single phase transformers

Three phase induction motors

Servo motors

Three phase transformers

Synchronous machines

Stepper motors

DC machines

Single phase induction motors


Power Systems

Regularly covered topics in GATE

Difficult topics in GATE

Power Generation Concepts

Systems Stability Concepts

Load flow methods, Bus impedance and Admittances matrices

Equal area criterion

Circuit Breakers

Power systems protection

HVDC and FACTS concepts

Fault calculations and Transients


Control Systems

Regularly covered topics in GATE

Difficult level topics in GATE

Block Diagrams


Signal flow graphs

State space Model and Nyquist Criteria

1st order transfer functions

Routh-Hurwitz criteria

Frequency domain specifications, Bode plots and Compensators


Power Electronics

Regularly covered topics in GATE

Difficult topics in GATE

Characteristics of Semi-conductor devices



Sinusoidal PWM

Principles of Choppers

Principles of Inverters


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Analog Electronics

Regularly covered topics in GATE

Difficult level topics in GATE

Operational Amplifiers

Frequency response

Diode Circuits

Oscillators and Feedback Amplifiers

BJTs and FET

Rectifiers and Amplifiers


Digital Electronics

Regularly topics in GATE

Difficult topics in GATE

Other important topics

Boolean algebra

Logic gates and their CMOS implementation

A/D and D/C converters

Combinational Circuits

8085 Microprocessor

Sequential Circuits

K-map’s and Counters


Electrical and Electronic Measurements

Regularly covered topics in GATE

Other important topics

Bridges and Potentiometers

Digital Voltmeters and Multi-meters

Measurement of voltage, current power, energy and power factor

Error Analysis


Signals and Systems

Regularly covered topics in GATE

Difficult topics in GATE

Basics of Signals and Systems

Fourier transform

LTI systems

Laplace transform



Electromagnetic Fields

Regularly covered topics

Different types of laws

Magnetic circuits

Self and mutual inductance of simple configurations


Engineering Mathematics

  • Every topic from this subject is very important.
  • One should not leave any topic from this subject as all the questions asked from this subject have same level.

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General Aptitude

Important topics to be covered in GATE

Sentence completion and word analogies

Numerical computation and data interpretation

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While preparing for GATE 2018,you must prepare give more weightage to the above mentioned topics.


“A goal without a plan is just a wish”


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