Prepladder brings forth  yet another remarkable product for the GATE aspirants. Prepladder’s GATE test series is endorsed by thousands of GATE aspirants across the country.

Thousands of Toppers have attributed their success in the GATE exams to Prepladder’s distinctive and prominent mock test series. All credits to the prominent products!


What is GATE 2017 Guarantee Pack


With 10000+ registered users, ‘GATE Guarantee Pack’ is the biggest and the most acclaimed test series ever  hosted for GATE aspirants.

It comprises 2400+ questions distributed among various tests and strategically designed schedule which concentrates on each and every topic.

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GATE 2017 Guarantee Pack Composition


  •  33+ chapter Wise Tests
  •  33+ subject Wise Tests
  •  14 Full Length Tests


Distinctive Features of GATE 2017 Guarantee Pack


  •  One to one Personal Mentor will be allotted
  • ‘GATE 2017 Guarantee Pack’ serves as the best platform for competitive analysis with an expected number of 15000+ competitors.
  • Price of the pack is kept very low so that large number of students can participate in competitive series
  • Offers the Same Software Platform as the Real Exam.
  • Offers  2400+ questions designed by subject experts and as per the latest exam pattern.
  • Offers Highly Customized Improvement Plan.
  • Offers Answers with Detailed Solutions and References.
  • Helps to Measure Your Improvement through Detailed Performance Analysis
  • The best platform which helps you climb the peaks of success through Highly Refined and  Comprehensive Test Series.


What is Mentor Program?


On availing the GATE 2017 Guarantee Pack, you will get enrolled in our Mentors Program.

A group of Mentors constitute the Mentor Program.

A Personalized Mentor is assigned to each student enrolling in the GATE Guarantee Pack and the Mentor guides the candidate’s GATE preparation. You can use this feature (trial feature) in free mock Test also.

Students can then interact with the Mentor via E-Mails and Mentor resolves all Doubts and Queries of the candidate. For more details refer : What is Mentor Program? How will it Help You?





Free All India Test Equipped with Artificial Intelligence

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