GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is a National-level exam which serves as a gateway for admission in Post-Graduate courses such as M.Tech, M.E and PhD in premier Institutions across the country. GATE scorecard is also considered for recruitment to PSUs.

Engineering Services Examination (ESE) is a recruitment examination conducted by the UPSC for recruitment to Central Government jobs in various Engineering Departments.Every one of you must be aware that a large proportion of the syllabus is common in both GATE and ESE exams.In consideration of this, we have compiled this article which will provide guidance on how to prepare for GATE and ESE simultaneously.


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Tips to Prepare for GATE and ESE Simultaneously


I. Figure out the Common Topics from GATE & ESE


The foremost step is to review the syllabus of GATE and ESE and figure out the topics which are common to both.

Prepare a list of the topics which are common to both ESE and GATE.


II. Perform Weight Age Analysis of Common Topics in GATE and ESE

 Next, you must perform a weight age analysis of the common subjects and commence your preparation with the subject carrying the highest weight age in both the exams.


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III. Review the Previous Year Papers of GATE and ESE

 Next, analyze the previous year papers of GATE and ESE. This would provide you an idea of the type of questions expected and the standard of the questions.


IV. Analyze the Types of Questions Asked in GATE and ESE

 It is of utmost importance to analyze the type of questions expected in GATE and ESE in order to structure your preparation in accordance.GATE questions are based on concepts, formulas and applications. A Majority of the GATE questions are conceptual and numerical oriented.Questions in the ESE exam are conceptual and are often repetitive. Therefore, you must solve previous year papers of ESE to grab this benefit.


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V. Prepare Topics as per the Requirements of GATE & ESE

 You must prepare each topic in accordance to the Syllabus and Weight Age in both the exams.Prepare the theoretical part as per the requirement of the ESE exam and practice the Numerical problems as per the requirements of GATE.


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VI. Commence Your Preparation Well In Time

 In order to prepare simultaneously for GATE and ESE, you must commence your preparation well in time.A thorough preparation of both GATE and ESE simultaneously would require at least 5 months.


VII. Select the Books which Cover the Syllabus of both GATE and ESE

 Select the reference material which covers the syllabus of both GATE & ESE. This would save you from putting in extra effort and time in preparation.Use the MCQs books which are oriented to both ESE & GATE.


VIII. Make Notes of the Common Subjects

 While preparing for both the exams simultaneously, you must make notes in the form of short and compact points.Making Notes of the Common Subjects would help you to recall the information with ease and immensely ease Revision.Making Notes would save you from the extra effort in preparing the similar topics for both the exams.


IX. Prepare the Common Topics at the Beginning

You must prepare the topics common to both GATE and ESE at the beginning. This would enable you to finish a major proportion of the syllabus.

First, prepare the identical topics and then advance to the uncommon ones at the later stage.



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X. Follow a Study Schedule

In order to complete the syllabus in time, prepare a study schedule. Try to complete the topics as per the schedule.


XI. Thorough Revision

 Revision is of utmost importance since the syllabus is enormous.  Revise the subjects as much times as you can since UPSC repeats questions year after year in the ESE exam.

The ESE exam is conducted in the first week of January while GATE exam is conducted in the first week of February.Therefore, revise the common subjects at the beginning since it will serve the purpose for both GATE & ESE.


XII. Attempt Online Mock Tests

Consistently attempt a large number of mock tests in the common subjects. This would boost your performance in the common subjects and save you from extra effort.


Hope that this article would surely guide you on how to prepare simultaneously for GATE & ESE exam.


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